Horse Room Escape Walkthrough


Horse Room Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from Sakura.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Horse Room Escape Walkthrough:
1)Take white paper on the wall
2)Take the small plank(1)
3)Click under couch-get another plank(2). Move back.
4)Turn right-plank(3) by the chair
5)Look behind the white cabinet? for a plank(4)
6)Turn right-take plank(5) on top of the desk
7)Click just inside the desk where you got plank#5, there you should find a spray in a polka dotted tube AND a chisel. Zoom out.
8)Click under desk-get the saw? Move back. Turn right to the kitchen.
9)Take the coin on the floor to the right(this will give you a PERFECT END-w/o it is normal end).
10)Check on top of the cupboards for a LONG plank(only 1). Zoom out.
11)Turn on the left-side stove and steam the paper(should show a diagram of a ladder after-note the diagram)
12)Turn back left twice(2x) and use the SPRAY on the wall just behind the chair(an arrow pointing towards the top of the white cabinet should show up)
13)Highlight the SAW, then click on the LONG PLANK(split in two)
14)Highlight the SAW again, then click on the small planks(5)-this should now give you 10 small planks in total.
15)Highlight CHISEL, then click again on the LONG PLANK(holes should appear)
16)Highlight 10 small planks, then click on the 2 long planks(made a LADDER)
17)Highlight the ladder and put it where the arrow is pointing(top of the white cabinet)
18)Go on the ladder by clicking the top part of it. Here you see the door AND to the right by the wall on the carpet, you can barely see the KEY!(don't click on door yet)
19)Go back down and turn right. Look up at the window on top of the desk and there is the HORSE, ergo the title of the game.
20)Turn left, and once again go up the you can escape by highlighting your key first, then click on the door.

Thanks to: EscapeGames24

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