Naruto PS3 renamed to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm PS3 boxartIn the PlayStation 3-exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (formerly known as Naruto: PS3 Project), for the first time, the line between the Naruto TV animation and gaming will truly disappear.Even though the gameplay seems to feature a free roam fighting system like the Xbox 360-exclusive game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. Be ready to play this latest world of Naruto only on PlayStation 3 systems in 2008.

Watch the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm action trailer:

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  1. Why is it only for PS3 why not for PS2 of Wii shit or why not the Xbox 360 they need a new Naruto game after Rise of a Ninja Sucks I meen come on why make a game where no one moves there mouth to talk but you can here the words and the sucky way that you have build up your Chakra to stand on water and have a time limit and if you move wrong you fall in and drown what all of sudden naruto cant swim, I meen you seen all of the times naruto fell in water and came right back up that game sucks i should've never wasted my money on that piece of shit and on Ultimate Ninja Storm you can fight like a regular Shinobi is suppose to fight not go side to side like all the other fights in those games go you should be able to fight like they do in the show exactly how they fight in Ultimate Ninja Storm. I just wish they could make it for at least 2 more other systems

  2. I wish they would make it for 360 too because more pople have a 360 so everybody could be happy becuase I was going to get a PS3 then everyone said 360 is better and it kind of is so when I found out this game was coming out I got so mad that it wasn't on 360

  3. more people buy ps3s than that box, sorry correction xbox plus xbox cant handle that much great graphics only ps3 can


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