Nezumi - Mouse Room Walkthrough


Nezumi - Mouse Room WalkthroughNezumi is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Coo's House.

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Nezumi Walkthrough
1)get paper from under door.
2)go right click bottom right side of
bed to see mouse (click on mouse) run away with key.
3)go right. pull chair out and click on middle drawer to get mirror.
4)Pull chair out again and click under desk to get battery(1). click back.
5)click on trash can to get battery(2).
6)go right. click on pink string and yellow bag of chips.
7)take pink string and click on pig. (get gray key)
8)go right 2 times and feed chips to mouse.(get gold key)
9)go right once and use grey key on top drawer to get shrink ray.
10)look at shrink ray and put batteries in.
11)click on top of desk and put mirror there.
12) use shrink ray on mirror.
13) after shrinking go right once and click on another bag of chips.
14)go left twice and click bottom right side of bed to see mouse hole.
15)go into hole and put chips on plate.
16)click on female mouses back leg(red stripes)
17)leave the mouse hole and go left twice. click top left corner to see medic kit.
18) got back and click on the books.
19) go back to medic kit and get the gauze(bandage).
20)go back to the mouse hole and use the gauze on the female mouse.
21)go back out of the mouse hole and you should grow back to normal size.(if not then click on the bed)
22)go right 2 times and put the books back on the shelf.
23)go to the door and use the gold key and your done.

Thanks to: EscapeGames24

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