Nintendo nonresponsive to Greenpeace


In an interview with Gamasutra, Greenpeace's Zeina Al-Hajj discussed the relative greenness of the major consoles and their companies. Nintendo still manages to rate below Sony and Microsoft despite having a console that uses far less electricity and standard (and thus more easily recyclable) parts.

The reason? Nintendo has no stated policy about hardware recycling. Both Sony and Microsoft have made efforts in that area, but Nintendo has said absolutely nothing about the disposal of old consoles. "What is available right now," Al-Hajj said, "is that Nintendo is committed to the environment, so they recycle in their offices. Okay. Good work guys, but that's not the issue. The issue is the responsibility to their product."

Nintendo is the only console manufacturer out of the three not to engage in communication with Greenpeace. Al-Hajj said that they have attempted conversation with the company multiple times, while both Sony and Microsoft are already in talks.

We know that the first impulse for any gamer is to attack and ridicule Greenpeace for saying bad things about Nintendo, but, if nothing else, this interview makes Greenpeace's claims seem more sensible. This is far from tree-hugging or Would it really hurt Nintendo that much to at least talk about recycling, or offer some opinions on reducing energy consumption?

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  1. I applaud Nintendo for not talking with Greenpeace. Do some research on "the truth about Greenpeace" and I think you will see it isn't as reputable as the name and function implies.


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