Pocket Escape Walkthrough


Pocket escape is a point and click escape the room game by Dona's Room.

Try to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.
This game may not load on IE, but you can use Firefox to load this game.
Good luck!

Pocket Escape Walkthrough
1)Take the blue ball between the green and light blue books. You can click on the book that is lying down but I didn't find it helpful at all. Go left.

2)Take that shadowy thing(a hairpin?) under the door-middle part.

3)Click on the table. Take that gray ball on the left CORNER of the screen. Note that the passcode for the door is covered by nail polish(leave it for now).Go left again.

4)Take the yellow ball between the(top of) yellow and orange pillow. In that same scene, take that bright blue bottle(nail polish remover) located just to the left of the couch(on the floor).

5)Drag the nail polish remover to the table, then use the SCARF on it to reveal the hint for the passcode. Remember the order of the color.

6)Click on the trash can and take the scissors. Zoom out(left arrow) and go to the left.

7)Notice the pink ball on the light fixture, it's too high, you need something long. Go left once again.

8)With your scissors, cut the dark green leaf(stem) of the plant. Now go right.

9)Use the long-stemmed leaf to poke down the pink ball. Go back to your left once again.

10)On the shelf is a locked brown upside down U-shaped box. Zoom in and use the hairpin on the lock.

11)Put the four balls where it wants to go(don't bother asking for the code because it changes EVERY game). Then reading it like a phone, memorize what number corresponds with what color. Go left once more towards the door.

12)Click on the code panel(*note*-to get out of this view, just click on the key button). Then using your hint from the table(order of the ball), input the code then click on the key button...door opens and watch as the guy remembers how he lost consciousness in the first place. And at the end you see a cellphone. NOTICE that you are missing an item in your inventory??? Take the cellphone and play again with the CP on your inventory(if you want) and then you guys can tell ME how the cellphone helps as I tried to but didn't really get anywhere after seeing all these guy characters on the cellphone. That's it, done!

IMPORTANT: Don't forget that by playing again, your color codes could've changed! :)

Updated info: Before posting this walkthru, I just finished reading Shuchun's breakthrough on that second game(playing again) that I mentioned above. Dunno how it works yet, so now I'm off to try it. Hope my walkthrough helps in some way. ENJOY!!!

Thank to: Escape Games 24

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