Room Fake Walkthrough


Room Fake is a point and click escape the room game.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving great puzzles.
There are 2 possible endings.
Good Luck!

Room Fake Walkthrough:
1.Turn right.
2.Zoom into desk, get green button from plant.
3.Zoom out. Zoom to rubbish bin.
4.Get paper (#4) and paper ball.
5.Zoom out and click bottom of bin, then click the bin. Note the color of the dot and the letter 'O'
6.Click bed twice. Get paper (#6)near the blanket. Get red button under bed.
7.Zoom out.Turn right. Click between bed and wardrobe. Get #1.
8.Open wardrobe, get paper and battery.
9.Turn right, open curtain, get blue button near the top.
10.Click paper next to curtain. Get paper stuck behind it. Notice a safe behind paper. cupboard. Get battery under cupboard.
12.Go back to the wardrobe. enter code into the safe in 2nd drawer. From the paper it reads 961, it's upside down so input 196. Get torch and #7. Check torch and get screwdriver.
13.Go to the white thing next to the door, open with screwdriver. Get screws and note the color of 'E' at the back of the cover.
14.Go to the side of the cupboard (next to the curtain), use screwdriver to get screws. Now the bottom drawer can be opened. Get charger and red button.
15.Charge the batteries at the socket (white thing next to door). Get charged batteries.
16.Go to the toy dog, insert batteries and press button. Get #9 and note the light shone onto the cupboard (5:30).
17.Go to the desk and put the number cards into the squares so that each row, column, diagonal sum to 15. Press white button and note the color of 'K'. Note also color of the back.
18.Found the dials behind the picture. Turn them so that it reads 5:30. Note that the one on the right has hour arm while the left one has minute arm.
19.Turn left, get blue button and key under the clock.
20.Use key on bottom drawer of green wardrobe. Get cloth and dagger.
21.Click vase on the brown cupboard, wipe with cloth. Use wet cloth to wipe windows (both sides).
note color of 'L'.
22.Click right bottom of door (screen with the socket), get blue button and plug.
23.Insert dagger into toy dog. Get red button and key. use key on safe behind paper next to curtain. Get door knob and green button. Take key back.
24.Fix door knob on door and press it. Now mix the color of buttons so that LOCK matches the color noted. (see end of walkthru for guide on color mixing). Press the button and it says open. (End 1)
25.Click side of steps, get hammer.
Smash the vase and note color of 'A'.
26.Click on door knob again.
Mix color to match FAK(inverted)E. K(inverted) is the color at the back of K. color of F is the key that you are holding.
27.Click button and it should read "TRUE". Get the new button.
28.Put new button into toy dog. (End 2)

for red ; red 3and blue 2.
for lila; blue and red 3.
for green;green 2 and red 1.
for cyan; green and blue 3
for yellow; red and green 3.

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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  1. wow amazing! thank you this is great Walkthrough i just end it!!
    i was knew this before and always stuck

  2. yes very good walkthrough but just tell us what to do don't give us another puzzle to solve when you give us those confusing hints.

  3. alex, there are no confusing hints, the walkthrough is just perfect.

  4. jesy said..
    i dont understand the whole torch thing! do u mean the flashlight? and how do u check it?

  5. how can i put the charger into the socket? I click on the charger and click on the socket, but nothing happens... please help me!!!

  6. could you give us the order of the buttons and how they are put, because i got that L= cyan, O= lilac, C= red, and K=red. but i keep getting L= cyan, O= lilac, C= either yellow or green, and K= red. whats the order. Please, need help and im stup


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