6 Differences Walkthrough


Complete solution for 6 Differences (aka Differences 2). All the info you need in order to acquire the "Trained Difference Spotter Badge" at Kongregate.

Play 6 Differences
6 Differences complete Walkthrough

6 Differences solution Stage 1

6 Differences solution Stage 2

6 Differences solution Stage 3

6 Differences solution Stage 4

6 Differences solution Stage 5

6 Differences solution Stage 6

6 Differences solution Stage 7

6 Differences solution Stage 8

6 Differences solution Stage 9

6 Differences solution Stage 10

6 Differences solution Stage 11

6 Differences solution Stage 12

6 Differences solution Stage 13

6 Differences solution Stage 14

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  1. Posted this link in www.surfurls.com

  2. ur missing the 2nd level, there's supposed to be 15 levels total

  3. Dang, the 2nd level is the one I'm stuck on.

  4. so when the sun comes up you're done?

  5. I can't figure out the last level, if teh sun is up I think it means you lost, or maybe you have to wait for something

  6. where the sun come up theres still one to go, for me it was a building on the edge on the screen

  7. For the last level there is

    1)The hand at the side
    2)The sign at the bottom of the screen
    3)A light above the girls head
    4)The 4 red lights in the distance
    5)A yelllow light to the right of the couple.Then the sun will come up
    6)the blue building near the left hand side

  8. I click the blue building on the last lvl when the sun comes up, it flashes but doesn't change

  9. I click the blue building on the last lvl when the sun comes up, it flashes but doesn't change

    same thing happens to me

  10. same thing for me

  11. i loved that game it was very challenging, but very odd at times.

  12. HELP ME!!! u missed the 2nd lvl!!

  13. in the end with the sun you click on a building to the far left/right i think that the one on the left is orange/brown and the other is pale blue

  14. oh and sometimes clicking on the building makes it flash but it doesnt count (bug) if so you have to refresh the page

  15. could anybody post the solution of level two?

  16. 1) Tall building on the right
    2) Missing building just below that tall one
    3) Street lamp on the left (inside curve, oncoming lane)
    4) Lane marking in bottom right corner
    5) In middle of screen, the missing upper level of the building next to the one with the number on it
    6) In middle of scree, below the building with the number on it, is a missing light on a lampost

  17. When the sun comes up you need to find the last difference


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