Atibon’s Rival Walkthrough


Atibon’s Rival is another Japanese point and click escape the room game.

As usual, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Atibon’s Rival Walkthrough:
1. go to the bench (the view - looking thru the window), click on the memo, click on the upper left corner, you will find the rubbish bin
2. take the rod in the bin
3. check behind the rubbish bin - take the coin
4. go to the blue door, click on bottom right next to the bookshelf - get the key with the rod at the gap between the wall and the bookshelf
5. open the drawer of the table with the key - get the security card
6. open the door with the security card to the other room
7. take the hammer and blue, yellow, green screwdrivers from the wall
8. click on the right of the cage - take the key in the cage thru the crack
9. open the cabinet below the tools with the key
10. there are some words (top-down: green red yellow blue)
11. see the red X on the hammer? click on the bottom right of the drawing board and there will be an red X on the wall - hit it with the hammer
12. go back to the first room, you will find a red screwdriver at the bottom of the bookshelf
13. check the whiteboard - this help you to solve the code afterwards
14. go back to the tool shelf, put back the screwdrivers in the order you saw in the cabinet.
15. go back to the whiteboard - it is raised
16. turn the knob at the right device - you are powered up
17. go back to the tool shelf - suddenly you see some numbers on it - remember them. in case you can't get them, go backard and check again.
18. combine the details with those on the whiteboard....can you solved the code now?
19. (well, it should be 7635, they have solved the bug already)
20. open the box and take the pink heart. double click it on the item and your thought will be transmitted to it
21. check the ceiling above the cage - ar there is an opening!!!
22. out - perfect ending (powered up, heart, and the coin)

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