Detective Max Incident Book File 5 Walkthrough


Detective Max Incident Book File 5 is a point and click type escape the room game.

You must find and use evidence to solve the mystery.
Good Luck!

Detective Max Incident Book File 5 Walkthrough:
Leave the upset girl (she gave you a picture of her missing green friend).

On the map: Go to the red point at the top.
Looks like a professor of chemistry. Show him the picture (click him twice), he lets you pass to the left.
Go left again and through the door.

Pick up white bottle.
Go left.
Look at the red book and click lower left page. Notice the hint: 'Square=9'.
Open upper drawer, then click on the very top of the grey and you'll see: 'Triangle=7'.
Click the lower seat of the chair. Notice: 'Circle=64'.
Go left twice.
Open the sideboard and pick up red bottle and 2 Papers.

The code:
Look at the blackboard on the wall: 'Circle + Triangle * Square'

YOU have to calculate it this way:
'Square * Triangle' and then their result '+ Circle'

Open the right door and enter the code.
Take the card.
Look at the card in your inventory. Click on its right side. It turns around. Click the broken corner and see some kind of map.

Click left behind the sideboard. Take the ruler.
Go left twice.
Open lower drawer and use ruler on slit. Take blue bottle.
Look at white bottle in your inventory. Mix it whith blue one. Now you have a turquoise mixture.

Go right.
Use card on panel beside the grey door. The red light will turn green and you can enter the door.

Click the professor 2 or 3 times untill he leaves.
Go down twice, you see the map again.

The red point on the lower left is new. Click it.
Show the picture to the upset purple guy (click him twice).

Go down to return to the map.
Click the new point at the top.

Door in front of you is closed.
Notice the guys behind the windows on the left and on the right (click the light grey window, NOT the arrow!). One is evil, and one is the guy you're searching for.
Give the turquoise mixture to the evil guy (through the hole in the window. He gets normal again.

Go down, then right and notice two red buttons. Click both of them and notice that the windows opened and the guys are free now.

Now click on the grey door in front of you.
It's open now.

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