Doctor Ku-The Cellar Walkthrough


Doctor Ku-The Cellar is a point and click/adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also creator of Esklavos.

In this game you have to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Doctor Ku-The Cellar Walkthrough:
get knife, broom and cork from left bottle
click poster several times for key
open cabinet, get beaker
click radio 3 times till glass breaks, get paper
open grate on fire and put paper in, get combination
go left, click picture, click safe (2810)
get page, get bowling ball
go right, put page in book, click book
back out, click under table for log
use broom on right hand floor for gunpowder
click book, put log on book and gunpowder, back out
use knife on log, then beaker, then cork
click log then put it in fire
put bowling ball in fire

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  2. well if u read the above then you will know where it is...... Easy!

  3. The game is flawed if you don't do things in right order. You can't sweep the gunpowder until you have certain items. I played till the end with no gun powder and when I ready this walkthrough I used the brush, got the thumbs up, but no gun powder went into inventory. Also if you play the opera on radio you can keep getting paper from bottle and was never sure if this was a game flaw or not till the end! confusing! could not have competed unless I read this walk through and started again.

  4. what glass is this ??? i already click 3 times but nothing happen

  5. Yeah the same here.

  6. --THE EXPLODING "GLASS" (it's a bottle)
    you have to wait until the lady on radio screams very high, then a bottle next to some boxes over the cabinet explodes and you find an orange paper inside of it...

    --THE CORK:
    it's on a semi-trasparent bottle next to the radio.

    =) hope i helped!!


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