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Escape 01 – Welcome to Esc Co. Ltd, developed by K-Style, has fantastic graphics for a point and click type room escape game.

As usual, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escape 01 Walkthrough:
1.Go to the tea cups and click to the space between the wall and the couch.
2.Look further at the back of the couch and get the key on the floor.
3.Go to the drawers near the table and open the top drawer on the right hand side with the key to get the bag.
Then,open the 2nd drawer to get the knife.
4.Pick up the black paper with the robot.
The words on the paper means "from top to bottom".
5.Click to the space between the drawer and the wall to get the red paper means "LOVE".
6.Look at the door and go ahead to pick up the red paper means "ALIVE".
7.Go to the cabinet under the TV and open the right hand side drawer.
Get the flashlight.
8.Pick up the red paper between the cabinet and the wall on right hand corner.This paper means "TRAVEL".
9.Look at the hint from the right side of the couch."L>>R"
10.Look at the color of chopsticks on the table.
From the hints the code for the bathroom door is Green,Aqua,Red,Yellow
11.Go inside the bathroom and look at the rubbish bin to get a blue paper.
12.In the right hand side is the safe.
Input the password: "mermaid" and get the key
13.Search the rooms and get 2 more papers from the bathing room and toilet.
14.Go back to the dining room and click on the escape door.
You will find it blackout.
15.Use flashlight and wait.
You will see a creature.
He will ask you what his name is.
16.Input the password: "manatee".
Wait and GO OUT!

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