Escape from the Balloon Room Walkthrough


Escape from the Balloon Room is a new point and click game created by Tesshi-m, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, and Ground Escape games.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape.
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Escape from the Balloon Room Walkthrough:
1. Get pin from porthole and green chilli from window.
2. Go around and pop ballons and collect items
3. Open safe by door using four letters followed by a blank on the end and get helium.
4. Beside the box where the whale is is a green balloon.
Blow it up with the gas.
Add adhesive to the top and the pin.
5. Click the ceiling and pop the blue balloon.
Get a sheet of coloured stripes.
6. Follow instruction on the boat and change four buttons to one colour (the safe by the door is a button).
7. Get pump from box by whale.
8. Place safe below black picture.
Click the top of the picture and get a towel.
Wipe picture to reveal a number.
9. Select the green/yellow/red items in your inventory and blow them up to reveal numbers.
10. Using the stripe picture translate the numbers using white to multiply and black as the number on the picture.
11. Enter on safe and get key.

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  1. Got as far as step 7. Also though can not blow up green ballon in step 4 not sure how to do that. Great website, with cool games! Thanks for stopping by mine :)


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