Escape Khaki Room Walkthrough


Escape Khaki Room is a point and click from the creator of Escape Orange Room and Escape Green Room games.

In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escape Khaki Room Walkthrough:
1. Pick up boots. View boots. Pick up dart. Put boots back.
2. Pick up jacket. View jacket. In the left pocket you can see a shadow. Click the shadow until you have moved the shadow all the way up and you can collect the key. Put jacket back.

3. Zoom in on poster of tank. Notice the name: "nuzzel".
4. Move left. Pick up pencil under pictures on table.
5. View picture of the soldier lying on the gras. In the upper left corner you see something white. Collect it (it's a card)
6. Take dart from the flower pot in the window.
7. Move left. Place darts on dartboard.
8. Use key on depot-door.Go inside.
9. Open to right box. Collect a beer-can, then you see a knife. Take it, and place beer-can back.
10. Open up big yellow box on the floor and take out all the tools. Click on the side of the box and you can collect a new card. Place all tools back - except for the crowbar.
11. Click right corner on bottom shelf on the wall. Then you see a card and a fork. Take both. Walk out of room.

12. Sharpen pencil with the knife, and place bothe the pencil and the fork on the dartboard.
13. Move left. Make all the hooks over the bed go as far up as they can(neither can elevate to the same level, they elevate to three different levels).
14. Click on the crowbar and lift up pillow, blanket and the two mattresses, whene they are all floating in the air you click the upper right bedleg with the crowbar. The bed will move.
15. Lift the content of the bed again and collect fork(lyes under the 2. matress).
15. Turn right, and place the fork on the dartboard. Turn right and use knife on the stool under the jacket. Collect card.
16. Turn left, and go down hatch that was under the bed.
17. Collect dices on the table.
18. Consentrate on one pile of stones at a time. Try to click on each one until you hear a click. Then you can click on the levers, and one of them should stay down. Go on to the next pile and do the same thing until all three levers are faceing right.
19. Go in the door with the lightningrod on it.
20. Collect dart on spiderweb on left side of lamp.
21. Go up and turn right until you face the dartboard. Place dart on board and the board should fall down. Collect the red lever i hang upon.
22. Go down to the basement again and in to the room where the safe is.
23. To get the safe-code you have to use the dices. There are twelve possibilitys. Three of them are visable to you right away. The other three sides of the dices that you don't see you have to figure out by your own(using a real dice might be helpful for some.) Now you have six combos from left to right. If they don't work you have to try all the combos from right to left. The safe door opens by it self when you have the right combo.

24. Collect the remote inside the safe. View it, and attach the lever you got from the dartboard on to it. Click it again and it will get taller.
25. Use the four card you have in you inventory on the periscope. (Ace og hearts goes to the heartmark and so on.
26. The periscope is turned on and you are able to view the outside by clicing on the lense. How the levers on the right side of the periscope is placed decide what you see outside.
Place the levers so that you can see the front of the nuzzel of the tank. Click on the remote (it will be seen on the left side of the screen).

a. Now you try to click on the buttons until the tank moves forward.
b. Click on another button. If the tank moves backwards you have to repeat step "a.", and try another button until i has moved forwards twice.
c. Repeat "a." and "b." until the tank has left the screen, zoom out so that you can click on the levers until you find a screen where you can see the tank again.
d. Make the tank move forwards until you hear a crash.
27. Get out of the basement and face the door where the jacket hangs. The tank has gone through it and you are able to leave.

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