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Escape To The Ground is a point and click escape the room game from the creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escape To The Ground Walkthrough:
1) Go right. Pick up coffee tin from table. Open it ("about item"). Put some coffee in coffeemachine. Take another look at the tin. Get red key.
2) Go right twice. Get coffeecup and 4 coffee tins. Use red key on red (purple) door.
3) Enter room. Click right of box. Get blue key. Turn right. Fill coffe cup with water and take a goog look at the picture. It tells your the code of the box [4381].
4)Use code on box. Get dagger. Use dagger on apple. Get hint. In same room place 4 coffeetins on table in front of window.
5)Go to single blue door. Use blue key. Get plastic tape. Click upper left. Get yellow key with dagger. Go back. Get blue plastic.
6) When looking at blue door, use dagger on blue box. Get ID-card.
7) Go back to window. Place plastic on coffee tins. Attach with tape. Pour water on plastic. You get a light beam.
8) Click on the lower left corner of window. Get match. Use match in light beam to light it. Fill your coffee cup again with water.
9) Go to coffee maker. Fill it with water. Light it. And click on it so that the coffee is in the glass bowl. Fill your cup. Look at your cup to see "96".
10) Take a look at the hint from the apple: between coffee is 7 and tree. Therefore between 9 and 6 is 7 and the number of trees. The code is [9756].
11) Use ID-card and put in code. Out.
Note: You can also escape by using the yellow key.

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