Escape Tomato Walkthrough


Escape Tomato is a new Japanese point and click escape the room game.

Tomato Chan was chased by a ghost and then ran into a house.
She will feel relieved if you install a lock in the Tomato's house.
Good luck!

Escape Tomato Walkthrough:
- Pick up the lettuce, when in close up, tear of a leaf.
- Go left and click the middle one of the three baskets. In close up click on the corn to turn it around and notice the row of colors on the back (red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple). Exit screen, btw you can't pick up the corn.
- Click left again and see the board with a carrot on it. Zoom in and click the carrot so it will move. Click the picture which is now revealed. It shows 2 peas and points to the second letter in the word carrot. Back out again.
- Click on the right side of the basket with veggies. Collect the cucumber, notice that there are three peas, one has the green color from the corn. Back out.
- Go left, remove the middle one of the pillows and click on couch. Collect the onion, notice 3 peas one blue. Back out.
- Click right side of couch. Collect potato, notice one pea color red. Back out.
- Go left or right two times, either way till you see the bed again. Notice the crack above the bed and cover it with the leaf.
- Click the bed near the pillow and move sheets to reveal the paprika. Collect the paprika and agin notice the 6 peas of which one is orange. Back out.
- Click under the bed. Pick up olive (yes i know it doesn't look like anything but believe me it's an olive). Notice the 5 peas of which one purple. Back out.
- Click the low basket and collect the garlic. Back out
- Click the highest basket and collect lettuce. Just 1 yellow pea. Back out.
- You now have all the veggies you need, back to the board so go left one time. And zoom in on the board.
- The colored dots on the board show where the veggies go. Don't be misleaded by the fact that the words have red letters that spell "tomato". Also the garlic doesn't go on the board.
- To solve the code: The row shown on the corn is the color order. The number of peas shows which letter from the word you need to take.
Potato - 1 pea, first letter = p
Onion - 3 peas, third letter = i
Cucumber - 3 peas, third letter = c
Paprika - 6 peas, sixth letter = k
Lettuce - 1 pea, first letter = l
Olive - 5 peas, fifth letter = e
Code is pickle. Back out.
- Go left. Put the garlic in the basket under the window.
- Go left, enter the code in the box on the right side of the door. Get the lock. Back out.
- Click the door. Put the lock on the door and the tomato is safe from the evil thingie outside.

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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