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Evolta the Game is a great promotional point and click made for the new Panasonic Evolta batteries.
Be patient while loading the game, because of its big size.
Good luck!

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Evolta the Game Walkthrough:
* click an upper button to start
* click a doctor
* During conversation, click the left button (yes)
* click a robot
* click the robot head
* click a doctor
* During conversation, push left button two times
* register
 * Ifirst: name
 * second○: male, female
 * third: E-mail address
 * click a blue button
 * take note a password (six columns of numbers) to be given to the screen
 * click a blue button
 * click OK
● main room
* click a light
* ceiling "O:" 6
* left machine, the left back "T:" 7
* floor, the lower left "L:" 2
* It is got "puzzle peace" by the top of the front door
* get puzzle peace from lower right floor
* get puzzle peace from During a left edge of pipe,
* click a lower pipe many times, and get battery
* get a poster from the hole of the left machine
* put a puzzle piece in the panel on the lever
* click a lever
*go up a ladder
●face room
* look at the screen top "●●○●"
* On the right of the ceiling V:5
* push two left buttons of the left eye
* push right button of the right eye
* The left lever: top, middle
* A right lever: top, middle
* click eyes
* click left arrows two times
* return screen
* get a gear from E mark box
* get an insulator from hole of the floor
* close right eye
* shutter of the right eye A:11
* open the right eye
* click eyes
* click right arrows two times and take a note the letter
* click left arrows two times
* go down a ladder
●main room
* click the panel of the left machine
* put a number to support on a letter
 * E: 10, V: 5 , O: 6 , L: 2 , T: 7 , A: 11
* enter the front door
● battery room
* Under the red button of the left wall "right 3, left 7, right 4"
* go back to the main room
●main room
*turn the gear of the left machine, and get motor
*go to the dry cell room
● battery room
* attach a motor and a gear to the hollow of the front
* put a dry cell in the hole of just before you
* click the yellow button of the right wall
* go to the main room
●main room
* click a right panel
* pplay a mini game
* if your score is more than 550 points, get banana
● battery room
* put banana to belt conveyor and get a battery
* The basement of the main room turns when you push the yellow arrow button
* operate an arrow till there is a hole with a hatch.
* remove two batteries
* go down from the hatch of the main room
● Heart room
* put two batterys
* push the red button under the battery and make a letter
* get a key from right pipe bottom
* remove two batterys
* go up a ladder
● main room
* use the key on the floor and open a cover
● battery room
* put batterys to floor
* change an insulator so that electricity flows through the screen bottom
* push the red button of the left wall
● main room
* turn off electricity and go up a ladder
● face room
* take note a number(4321)
* go down a ladder
* turn on electricity
* get a ladder
● battery room
* attach a ladder to the ceiling
* make each of the three lights red
* remove batterys
● Heart room
* input a pass (4321) towards the bottom of left wall, and get battery
* put a battery beside heart
* click a lower right letter of the item column and go back to the laboratory
● laboratory
* get a badge from the doctor's chest
● Heart room
* put a badge to heart
* put a poster on the right wall
* click a right lever
* A robot comes to work and game is finished

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