Evolver Walkthrough


Evolver is a really fun point and click/puzzle game.

In this game you need to evolve the monkey into a modern human being.
Good Luck!

Evolver Walkthrough:
Push the bird until raises bee platform. Pick mushroom to eat it.

Fly to middle area and poo in hole on the ground. Five mushrooms will grow

Match faces of mushrooms, continue serie of numbers 1,2,3,4,and 5 with spots. Stairs will grow and monkey evolve

Before go up, pick pole and grab little stone

Go to the fountain, and jump into. Solve the puzzle

Puzzle: match symbols in highligth triangle with symbols in opposite triangle

Come back and push the eye of big tree

Wait until blue orb shows and click it. It will fall

Click stone, it will make a fulcro and throw big stone to the hole

Put orb on holed stone on right and a fountain flows, starting the gear. It will make a stair go up to the bee

Go up and push coloured gems in order bee does (push bee before, write colours in a paper). It will make a coin. Pick it and put it on the thing in front the tree

the tree will give you a key

move the arms of statue at top of the tree until it grows a liana

Go up the liana and put key in keyhole of the stone.

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  1. Thank you for the walkthrough!

  2. I can't get the gear to work

  3. i cant get the stairs from the mushrooms...what are the faces?

  4. the faces are on the stem of the mushroom(think mario).click to change them


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