GTA IV has 40% attach rate with new Xbox 360s


The recently percentage-happy folks at Microsoft have unveiled a new statistic. According to a spokesperson on Major Nelson's podcast, trigger-happy carjacker Grand Theft Auto IV is having a 40% attach rate with new Xbox 360 consoles. "The game is attaching well to new consoles, roughly 40 percent of 360s going out the door had a copy of GTA IV going with them," he said.

GTA IV Xbox 360
We wouldn't put it past Microsoft to track receipt details, but we wonder how the statistic was derived. Correlation from total hardware sales, total software sales and the increase in sales? A look at all receipts from all major retailers? They're not going to tell, but the best to take from this is what we already knew: Grand Theft Auto IV is selling like gangbusters and taking everyone with it.

[Via GamesIndustry.Biz]

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