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Motas walkthroughM.O.T.A.S. - Mystery Of Time And Space is a point and clik/adventure game.

The adventurer has to solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms, find hidden passages and be a detective and examine everything to unlock the doors.
Good Luck!

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Motas Walkthrough:
Level 1

1. Take the poster
2. click the pillow for the key
3. use the key to open the left locker
4. take the screwdriver
5. use the screwdriver on the painting to get the thin screw
6. slide the poster under the door
7. put the screw through the keyhole
8. get the poster
9. pick up the key
10. use the key on the door

Level 2

1. Take the diskette box on top of the bookcases
2. Go into the door on the left
3. take the bottom right pin from the flag
4. use the pin on the diskette box
5. put the disk into the computer
6. turn it on
7. remember the number 12864
8. go back into the other room through the door on the right
9. click the lock
10. enter 12864

Level 3

1. enter the door on the left
2. rotate the tiles so it creates a path from one side of the room to the other
3. turn off the lights
4. take the 3 tiles
5. go back into the other room
6. use the diskette box on the rat hole
7. click the trap once the rat comes out
8. click the closest peg on the right on the bridge to lift it up
9. slide the tiles in
10. click the right tile twice, the middle tile once, and the left tile twice.
11. Put the head into the container
12. use the chair
13. click the left peg on the bridge to make it go down

Level 4

1. Go into the room on the left
2. take a piece of firewood
3. click the security panel
4. go into the far right room
5. place the log onto the acme machine
6. click the green button
7. take the burning log
8. go back to the far left room
9. put the log back into the fireplace
10. go into the far right room
11. place the triangle on the acme machine
12. press the green button
13. take the triangle pieces
14. go into the far right room
15. zoom in on the security panel
16. put the large triangle piece in the top left
17. put the smaller triangle at the bottom
18. but the q shaped piece at the top right
19. put the L shaped piece in the middle

Level 5

1. move the upside box in the corner
2. move the cabinet
3. click the icons in the following order using these numbers
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
6, 7, 11, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 11, 6, 10, 1, 7, 6, 6, 9, 7, 4, 5, 11, 12, 1, 11, 6, 2
4. go back into the other room
5. move the cabinet then the box
6. click the small panel and get the key
7. move back the box and then the cabinet
8. go back into the other room and unlock the door

Level 6

1. move the welcome mat
2. go into the room on the right
3. open the cabinet and take the screwdriver
4. take the batteries out of the radio
5. go back into the other rooom
6. use the screwdriver on the motorcycle headlights
7. put the light bulb and the batteries into the flashlight and take it
8. move the mat
9. press once each of the tiles but the top right
10. use the fire hose and then click the trap door
11. go down
12. go into the room on the left
13. pick up the room key next to the locker

Level 7

1. Go into the room on the left
2. take the purple wheel from the painting
3. go back into the room on the right
4. connect the wheel to the pipe on the left
5. go up
6. go right
7. take the green wheel from the drawer
8. go left, then go down
9. connect the wheel to the pipe on the right
10. go up, go right, go down, go right, go up
11. get the paper from the right drawer
12. go down the hole on the right
13. take the paper from the table
14. go all the way back to the room farthest left where you got the green wheel
15. use the paper on the letter, and the pen on the paper
16. go right, go up, go right, go down, go right
17. put the letter in the outbox
18. wait a moment and get the red wheel from the inbox
19. go left, go up, go left, go down
20. put the wheel on the pipe
21. go right until you reach the room with a box that says "THIS SIDE UP" immediately in
front of you
22. get the floppy disk from the locker
23. go right
24. put the floppy disk in the disk drive
25. click the red and green wheels
26. click the blue and green wheels
27. click the red and blue wheels
28. click the panel

Level 8

1. click the panel and select the numbers that add up to the displayed number.
2. click the panel
3. go right, go right
4. click the frame
5. dislodge the grating with the screwdriver
6. go right
7. take the clock weights
8. go left four times
9. click the string then use the clock weights on the string
10. take the chess piece
11. go right four times
12. place the chess piece ont he pedastal
13. move the piece as a knight on the special tile repeatedly
14. go left, go left, take the door at the bottom right
15. click the 1
16. take the alien suit and enter the air-lock

Level 9

1. get the key from the cupboard
2. go right into the door closest to you
3. use the key on the cupboard
4. take the disk and the triangle
5. use the triangle on the blown fuse
6. go left and go right into the other room
7. take the key from the cupboard
8. go left into the hallway and use the key on the locker to get the word "quest"
9. go back into the room with the computer
10. put in the floppy disk and enter in "QUEST"
11. click the door to access the other room on the computer
12. unscramble the letters to make a word and type it in
13. go right
14. go straight
15. get a key from the cupboard
16. go left
17. set the machine to the far right position
18. go right twice, then go into the door farthest down the hallway
19. use the key on the door

Level 10

1. go left
2. get the key and ball in the cabinet
3. go right, go upstairs
4. open the right locker with the key and get the card
5. go down, go left
6. use the card on the scanner
7. zoom in on the wheel and separate the colors into four quadrants. note that the outer
-most rings don't move
8. zoom out and use the card on the scanner
9. open the safe and take the key

Level 11

1. go right three rooms
2. take the chalk
3. take the key and screwdriver from the cupboard
4. go left three rooms
5. open the chest with the key
6. take a coin out
7. go right
8. put the ball on the table
9. put a coin in
10. use the chalk on the pool cue
11. aim the stick 3 notches toward the right
12. take the key and go the the room farthest right

Level 12

1. go right
2. for the green wall, just complete it left to right. turn all the tiles on the farthest left column green. from there just turn each individual tile green by clicking one tile to the right starting by clicking in the third column to turn the gray tiles green in the second column. with this method you should gradually be moving to the right, turning everything green without any holes. once you get to the farthest right column, you should be done. it does not have to be perfectly completed for it work.
3. go left into the other room and get a light bulb from the shelves
4. go right, go right into the newly discovered room
5. get wire cutters from the farther cupboard
6. move the closer cupboard and go right
7. unwrinkle the carpet, move the chair
8. get the key from the hanging lamp
9. put the lightbulb in the lamp on the desk and turn it on
10. write down the numbers on the black locker
11. move the other locker to reveal a trap door
12. go left twice, go through the bottom right door
13. move the table, the box, the furniture, the desk, the bed
14. go down, go right
15. click the red panel
16. go left, go forward, go left
17. use the screwdriver on the lower section
18. cut the green wires only with the wire cutters
19. go right, go straight, go right
20. use the key and open the cupboard and take another key and screwdriver
21. click the left wall to reveal a ladder
22. go left, go back, go back, go right
23. click the blue panel
24. go right, move the shelves, go up, go left, go right into the other room, go right, go down, go left, go forward, go left
25. enter the code from the locker
26. use the key and go into the door

Level 13

1· Go outside and click on the block under the wagon..then click on the manhole. This powers the elevator inside.
2· Take the elevator to floor D and click on the shelves to pick up the waterproof tape.
3· Then go to level B and put the red card on the "eye." You'll see a picture just to the right of the eye... Click on its caption and remember the color and compass direction. Then go further right down the hallway and do the same for the other three pictures.
4· Return to level A. Enter the room to your right where there is a color machine. The 4 sides rotate when you press the button on the right (not the red lever). The button on the left only changes the shape from rectangular to triangular...but I've been told it doesn't matter which way it's set.
5· Using the colors and directions from the pictures, click the small color buttons. To start, the side of the machine facing you is south, so use those small color buttons in front to put the correct color for south on that side of the machine.
6· Now click on button on the right once to move the machine to west...put the correct color for west on that on right hand button once...put correct color for on right hand button once...put correct color for east..then rotate machine to let south side face you again.
7· When you have all the colors lined up on each side correctly, then pull the red lever on the right side of the machine.
8· You should now have the golden key.
9· Go to floor C. To the right of the elevator is a wall puzzle. Click on it to reveal a color puzzle. There are four sides to the puzzle...Starting in any inside corner click until you get all the colors filled in for that section..then go to the rest of inside corners and do the same.
10· After finishing wall puzzle it will open up to reveal a key. Take the key into the room to your right and use it to open the cupboard and get the bucket.
11· Return to A level and go outside. Moving all the way to your left you should see a well and a gate with a fire in front of it.
12· Take the bucket and place it at the end of the rope attached to the well. Click on it and then click on the wheel on the side of the well to bring up the bucket. Use the waterproof tape to fix the bucket, and then use the wheel to drop and raise the bucket once more.
13· Click on the bucket with water and use it to put out the flames and then use the golden key and unlock the door.

Level 14:

1. Pushed back the dumpster.
2. Left the room, walked down the street, took a right turn to the park, went past the park to the mill. Picked up the axe.
3. Sharpened the axe on the sandpaper by the mill, in the flood control, at the front end of the street, in the starting room, in the room left of the starting room.
4. Returned to mill, used axe to cut rope holding the windmill in place. Got rope.
5. Went to the flood control, altered the water flow to send the boat to the far right.
6. Went to the park, used rope to take the spade from the passing boat.
7. Went to the front end of the street, used spade to fetch down pants on washing line, got a key.
8. Returned to starting room, went to room from the left, got code.
9. Went to end of street, used key to open door on the left.
10. Solved puzzle (need to put all colours together in squares of four) to open door on left.
11. Entered code from dumpster room into wall panel.
12. Returned to right-hand room, knocked down back wall with screwdriver.

Level 15:

1. Use screwdriver twice on lower-left panel.
2. Arrange screens in chronological order - the first room in the game, then the second room, then the bridge from Level 14, then the guestbook room.
3. Leave the room, click the rail somewhere to open a portal. Go through.

Level 16:

1. Go to the second room on the left.
2. Set the levers in accordance with the sign on the right-hand wall; a lever up is set to 0, and down is set to 1 (may require you to move all the levers at least once to work).
3. Go back to the main hallway, and enter the first room on the right.
4. Go into the top-left icon, My Computer, and click the top-right icon within that, Desktop Images, then read the readme.txt, and note down the password in that ("tatersXXX"). Close it. Reopen My Computer, go into "Password Settings." Your aim is to enter all three passwords (you don't need to do this simultaneously). Enter your tatersXXX password into the top box, then click "Login." This should activate the other icons on the desktop.
5. Note down the number of your UNOX ("1.XX") system (only visible with desktop image changed, as done in the previous step), and open the Blender file and note down the number of that ("2.XX" (occasionally "2.X")). Open My Computer again, click in "Password Settings." Enter whichever passwords you have yet to enter (if you've been following this walkthrough, it's your Blender version and your UNOX version). Click "Login."
6. Open the folder on the middle left, and find the document within it. Use the decoders to set it to a spaced-out format (may not be necessary), and pick up the six-digit number at the very bottom. Go to the Start menu, click the only option, put in the number, and click the button.
7. Return to the main hallway, click to open the end door, and leave.

Level 17:

1. Go left to the control panel. Click on the UFO dome in the window to set it as a target.
2. Insert the following directions on the panel: Up, up, right, right, down.
3. Click inside the now domeless UFO to receive a Manipulator Of Time and Space. Click this in your inventory to receive three more options.
4. Click the third manipulator, and click the UFO in the room you are transported to to receive an IC board, and pick up a screwdriver from a chair on the far right. Use the first manipulator to return to the UFO you started at, and use the IC board on it to insert it.
5. Use the second manipulator, and use the screwdriver to open the second door. Your past self will pass by, but afterwards, you will find another IC board. Use the first manipulator to return to the original UFO, and insert the IC board.
6. The UFO flies away. Click on the piece of paper, then click on your MOTAS device, and click on the fourth option to be teleported away.
31/12/06 06:04

Level 18:

1. Go right into the next room
2. Click the box or whatever it is; it should move to the side
3. Get the code from the plaque on the wall. (E.G. 6, 4, 3)
4. Go back to the previous room.
5. The three panels are like the faces of a die; click them to change the numbers to the three from the plaque (E.G. From top to bottom, 6, 4, 3)
6. This should open up a MOTAS recharger. Place the MOTAS device in it; it should start hovering.
7. You should see 5 arrows(switches) that look like this:
V ^ V ^ V (Down, Up, Down, Up, Down)
Change them to this:
^ V ^ V ^ (Up, Down, Up, Down, Up)
The MOTAS should no longer be hovering.
8. There should also be three other switches, two below and one above the five arrow switches you just modified. They should all be pointing downwards. Click the one above the five arrow switches so it is pointing upwards. The MOTAS should resume hovering.
9. Click on the MOTAS to pick it up. The message should say that you have reversed the polarity of the MOTAS.
10. Engage the MOTAS and travel back to the room with the crashed alien ship.
11. Hover your mouse over the ship for a few seconds, and then the alien.
The alien should get up, return to the ship, and fly out of there. The hole in the roof should disappear. The message will say that time is running backwards.
12. Remember the plaque that said the three numbers? It also said, "Important information destroyed by alien ship." See the sheet of paper the alien ship was on? Yep, you guessed it. It's a MOTAS device code. Click it.

Level 19:
First, your going to want to go to the future. Well, almost first. If your just starting the level, go to the left one room. You should see a panel on the wall with two small gray buttons on the right, and a screen with some squares in between them. On the left of this panel is a big, green button. It might help to know what each button does so pay attention...
The button on the far right changes whether or not the squares
change colors. Right now they should be orange, green and blue. Go ahead and push the button on the far right. The squares should now be changing colors. Leave it like this for now.
The button in the middle makes the squares move and stop. Push it. The squares should now be moving. Leave it like this.
The green button...I guess "activates" the time machine. Push this button now.
You should now be in the future time period. Do you remember what you did? If you don't, don't worry about it. Now, go to your right as far as you can. You should be outside with a fence in front of you and a tree to your right. There should be a seed on the ground next to the tree. Pick it up. Now, your first thought would probably be to plant the seed now, right? Wrong. If you planted the seed now, you would have to wait until it grows, which takes a while. Luckily, you have a time machine at your disposal!
Go back to the time machine (3 rooms to your left). This time you are going to want to go to the past.
Push the middle button so that the squares stop moving. Now push the green button. You are now in the past!
Go to your right and plant the seed in the seed pot (the round tube on the ground). Continue to the right until your outside again. The tree should now be small and there should be a ladder next to it. Take the ladder and head back to the time machine.
We need to go to the future again so that the tree you planted will be big enough to place a ladder on and climb up. So go back to the time machine. Push the middle button, then the green button and go to the right. The seed you planted should be a tree now. Use the ladder on the tree and climb up.
Go to your right and search the bookshelves. Read what your character says. He should say a code. REMEMBER THE CODE and head back down and to the time machine.
We need to go to the present this time. Once you are at the time machine, push the button on the right. Now push the green button. Go to the left and enter the code from the book case. Exit through the door. Your done...for now...

level 20:

1) click on the box and get a screwdriver…observe DOOMSDAY clock for info only in this level
2) go left to room with computer and turn power on; message says computer has overheated
3) go left to room with a view and use screwdriver to take fan, go back to room with computer and insert fan…turn computer off, then on again and close the open windows on desktop…underneath last window are letters “Y,P,R,G,Y,P”
4) go left to room with the 6 red buttons…notice they change colors…the letters from the computer are the colors “yellow,purple,red,green,yellow,purple”; turn buttons to match color code and a door opens to the left; go inside and pick up USB device
5) back to computer room and insert USB device and new window pops up on screen…move cursor in this new window until you see “Password Manager” and the number 44143
6) back to room with the box on left wall and the circle with keyhole in middle…press the middle of the box and notice 5 0’s at top of screen…now, on the side of box enter the “44143″ code; there are 4boxes across and 5 boxes in vertical positions, enter the code in the correct box vertically and press middle of box when finished 7) code will reveal a magnet…go to room with colored buttons and notice the hole in window and the key outside the window…place magnet on hole and pull the key through!
8) use key on locker in main room and receive another key
9) return to room with “circle” mechanism on wall and insert locker box key in the keyhole…press the 4 large buttons to align the spokes; my apology for not tracking the exact movements…it was trial and error but it doesn’t take very long to line them up
10) when spokes are aligned, a new area opens up … step on through!

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  1. Is there any logic to the pattern of the wall puzzle in level 13? Seemed trial and error for me.

  2.  Anonymous, there are four sections near the center of the wall. Only work on one section at a time.

     After clicking a red line(random with each game), click nearby to find the next color and so on. Until you've filled in that whole section.

     Do the same for the next section. And so on until all sections are filled.Which should open up the wall.

    Hope that helps.:)

  3. can't find the letter in level 6 :(

    help anyone??

  4. sorry.. can't find the letter in level 7.. not 6

  5. the spokes at the end of level 10 go bottom left bottom right top right


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