Mystery House The Horror Mansion Walkthrough


Mystery House - The Horror Mansion is a point and click escape the room game from the creator of Atibon's Rival.

Find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Mystery House - The Horror Mansion Walkthrough:
1. click right. face the table and the shelf
2. open right drawer, take the paper.
3. click botom left corner of the shelf take matches
4. click left, face the window.
5. click on the curtain, than click window, and again on curtains. wait. sign 'help' shows on the curtains
6. 'i hear a noise' is written, and open a curtain, you will find golden key
7. key opens left drawer of the table, open, rad the diary.
8. click left, face the window. 'i feel cold' is written. there is a blood stain on the floor. wait. axe will appear on the floor.
9. use axe on the wood in the fieplace. a ball appears.
10. use matches on the ball. in the ashes find bird's head. put it on the bird on the shelf.
11. when bird´s head is on the bird. click left and face the door. notice that the picture is up.
12. face the window. click twice on the paper from the drawer. see that the branches point at 4 numbers in teh line above.
13. click right. face the door. put numbers. out.

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