Naughty Gym Class Walkthrough


Naughty Gym Class is a new point and click from the creator of Naughty Classroom.

This time around, the girls get naughty!
Point and Click on the correct objects to make combinations.
Good luck!

Naughty Gym Class Walkthrough:
1st Combo – Pliers +? = ?: The pliers are placed on the left hand side of the boy doing bench presses. Click on the pliers and they will show up in your inventory bar. Next, click on the nail on the right hand side of the boy doing bench presses, specifically the lower left corner nail. Doing this causes the floor board to open up and the combo is completed when coach Rodder changes into a construction worker and repairs the floor board.

2nd Combo – Electricity Box +? = Fireman: Click on the water balloons in the bucket situated above the swimming pool. Once the balloons show up in your inventory box click on the electricity box located at the far end of the class on the left side of the lockers. The box will catch fire; the combo is completed when coach Rodder changes into a Fireman and extinguishes the fire.

3rd Combo – Girl on Rope +? = ?: Click on the stones scattered around the perimeter of the swimming pool, you can collect as many as you want. Once you have collected the stones, wait for the curly haired girl on the top left hand side of the screen, to start climbing the rope. Once she climbs it she does a routine, consisting of a spread eagle with her hands and then her legs, after that she brings her legs back together, and this is when you hit her with the stone. Click on her chin to hit her with the stone, she will fall of the rope and start crying. The combo is completed when coach Rodder changes in to a Super Hero and shows her how to hang on the rope.

4th Combo –? +? Weights + = ?: Click on the weight plate located below the bench that the thin girl is sitting on. Once that shows up in your inventory click on the weight plate situated on the left hand side of the locker, below the electricity box. Now you should have 2 weight plates in your inventory bar (the number of items is displayed in the top right hand corner of the box). Click on either side of the barbell which the boy is lifting on the bench, to add more plates to his barbell. The boy will start struggling to lift the barbell. The combo is completed when coach Rodder helps the boy lift the weights.

5th Combo – Locker +? + Bench =?: Click on the lower locker, the third one from the left hand side. Once it opens you will find a rat. Click on the rat and it will show up in your inventory bar. Now comes the tricky bit; wait till the coach enters the screen from the top left hand corner and passes the girl reading the book. As soon as he passes her click below the bench she is sitting on and the Rat will appear scaring her and making her jump on to the other bench pushing the skinny girl on the floor. The fallen girl will then start crying. The combo is completed once coach Rodder helps the injured girl.

6th and final Combo – Note: this combo only activates one all the above combos are complete. Once all the combos are completed, you will get a ‘Final Combo’ message on your screen. Once this happens you need to act fast, click on the catapult on the top of the lockers, then click on the stones around the perimeter of the swimming pool. By now a girl will have come on the diving board and will be preparing to dive. Click on her body to hit her with a stone, she will lose her balance fall in to the pool and start drowning. The combo is completed when coach Rodder morphs in to a life guard and saves her from drowning.

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  1. the girl doesnt come on the diving board at all

  2. fuck sake man its hard at the fat girl with the rat it just says game over

  3. i no i got the girl on the ddiving board once but i diddnt know what to do and b=now that i do it just says game over you didnt compleate all of the combos

  4. ----------


    i won.


  5. its fucking easyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Only click girl on bench one when he walks past


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. This game is soooooooooo easy intill it comes to the f****** fat chick and the rat, it's all like game over

  10. it's hard at first but easy in the end..

  11. If anybodys struggling with the fat girl & the rat, just wait till the dud e has passes the girl but is still next to the bench. Hope I helped!

  12. It's always "Game Over" when I'm in the fat girl...


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