Pirate Cat Adventure Walkthrough


Pirate Cat Adventure is a new Japanese point and click/adventure game.

In this game, you need to find and use some useful things and solve some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Pirate Cat Adventure Solution, Walkthrough:
1. Go left from boat and get saw, left again and forward,left again and you see the town.

2. Go left from the town and you see a park with a fish statue, girl and another statue.

3. Click the girl and then click the tree. you (the pirate) will kick the tree and knock down the worms which scare the girl.(like little miss muffett lol) get the atm card from under the bench. the book and click a worm to get that too. item check the book and you get a student id or a library card (not sure which it is) pay attention to the numbers on there.

4. Go back and click the statue on the right and get the ashes. you can click the fish statue on the left but it just shows you the orange ball you will get later. click forward from the park and you will be at a lake. there is a dirty magazine there. take it.

5. Go right and go to town. click the bank on the left. (you can click the table on in front of you ( not in front of the guy) and get a marker. click the paper and you draw a gross picture. lol) go to the atm machine. use the atm card. the id card has a birthdate on it 12 24 use that for the pin. click the top left button. it shows you a screen and there is a number 1 there. click the 3rd button on the left and put in one. you will get a coin. you can take back the atm card but you wont need it.

6. Go back to town and click the building to the right of the bank (a pawn shop i think). give the coin to the guy and click the flashlight. go back out.

7. Click the third building on the right and get the tobasco sauce (looks like a beer bottle). move the table tent next to that and get the matches from behind it. you can talk to the people but i don't know what they say.

8. Go back out and go to the police station. click the id card and show it to the sheriff. he stops eating. click him a few more times and he goes away. click the tobascco sauce and click his food. he comes back and click him and he starts to eat again. he then falls over. (let's hope he is not dead lol)

9. Open the locker second from the left and you get a book you can read but not keep. i don't know what it says. click the map on the wall to the left of the lockers. click it again and it is in your inventory. click the back side of it and and it shows you a map to another island we are going to go to . go back out to town.

10. Click the green tower and go inside. you can click the trash can and move it but it doesn't do anything. click left and get the fish tank. you can click the bonsai tree and break it but it doesn't do anything either.

11. Click left twice and you will see a panel you can't open and a shelf you can put the tank on but we aren't going to do that yet. you will also notice the elevator doesn't work. we will fix that later.

12. Click back out to town and go down. you will see a telephone booth. go inside. you will see firecrackers under the phone pick them up. once you are out of the booth click down and see a red cover on the ground then click right and see red doors on top of wall on the right are gloves. pick those up. go back to town. (left up up) then back to the park (left)

13. Now go left again from the park and you will be at two trees and a gate. use your saw and cut open the gate. place the ashes on the tree on the left and at beetle will come from the ground. get the beetle.

14. Go through the doors. go to the left. and forward. use your sword on the log hanging next to the bell. click back to pick up the log. go right twice and then forward. use the log to bust open the doors. go forward and take the ladder in the room. take the box next to the shelves (can't open it yet). then there are two books you can look at on the shelves. the first one on the second shelf down is a book with pictures and i am sure it is a great story :) then second one is on the shelf 2nd from the bottom. (it is a different color green.) open it and you get a key that does not work on the box you just got ;) (click back to x out of the books).

15. There is a picture in this room. click it a bunch of times to knock it down. behind it is a bow and arrows. leave the building and you can turn left and see the well but we can't do anything with that right now.

16. Go back and left back to the temple. click your flashlight and click the dark area under the temple to see an axe. take the axe. click back and then forward twice to go in the temple. you will be stopped by a monk? click the dirty magazine and he will blush and go away to another room to meditate about his un-pure thoughts ;) once he is gone. go right and you will see a cabinet on the wall. open it up and you will see a paper. click it and it goes away. there is another box in the cabinet, take it and then use the key on the door and get a piece of paper with a safe combination. open the box (item check) and you will find a silver cat mask.

17. Go back to the left. you can go forward but we can't do anything in that room yet. go back twice and to the left to the bell. click the bamboo trees to the right of the bell. there is a fish rod on the ground, get that. then use you axe to cut down the bamboo stalk on the far right. click it to look inside and we have found our FIRST orange ball! (there are 7 to get).

18. Click back back right and back and you will be at the trees again. put the ladder on the right tree.. but don't go up it unless you want to get scorched by a fire breathing bird lol. throw the firecrackers you got from the phone up the tree. (it lights them automatically with the matches you don't have to do it.) watch the scorched birdie fly away. then go up the ladder. there is our 2nd orange ball. :)

19. Go back down and to the right three times to a road. go down and right. you are at the sea by a wall. do item check on your rod and put the worm on it. use you rod on the water and an octopus jumps out click it.

20. Go left, forward, left three times, forward and right, then click the well (twice). put the octopus on your rod and fish in the well. click the lobster that pops out. go back to the the park now. you should see a balloon flying by( you may have to wait a few seconds). use your bow and arrow on it and it falls down knocking over the fish statue. get the THIRD orange ball from that.

21. Now go forward to the lake, click the tank and the water to put water in it then use the lobster to fish it in. an electric fish will pop out. use you gloves this time to get the fish otherwise you get electrocuted lol . the fish will now be in the tank. stay at the lake and take your axe. throw it in the lake and a beautiful lady of the lake pops out offering you more axes. (you may have to back up and go back to the lake to find the spot to throw it or use tab). now you have to be evil.. click your beetle and throw it at her. it pinches her and you get all of the axes! now you are back at the park. click the girl and get another bug as it will come in handy.

22. Now go back to the temple and into that room with the statues. put the sliver axe in the sliver statue and the gold in the gold one. a door opens up and we get our FORTH orange ball! click the purple cushion and it falls off showing a button. push the button. a panel opens in the floor showing an orange thing. click it and then do item check on it and it is a glider! :) (now from here you can go back to the monk meditating and use the marker on his head for fun lol )

23. Now go back to town and click the green tower and go inside. go to the right and put the tank on the self. use the axe to break down the panel we couldn't open. click the red wires that are cut to pull them down. click them again to put them in the tank. yay now our elevator works!

22. Go in the elevator and you go to the top. click your hang glider and click forward. you will fly to the the castle that is outside of town. go forward and see a tv. click to the left of the tv. you will see two switches, turn them on.

23. Go back and click the tv. you will sit down and there will be chapters for you to watch. if you watch them all the next part on the other island is easier. but you must watch the last one and then it will cut away. the door on the left will open and a guy holding a sandwhich will come out. click the sandwhich and a big guy with a ball and chain come outs. you can try hitting with your sword but he blocks it. what do you think a big tough guy like him is scared of... let's try the worm! lol. the bigger they are the harder they fall. :)

24. Take the ball and chain and go the the guy with his hands up. use your sword on him and he falls to the ground. click him again and then click his wig. click it again to get it. now go to the door on the left. (back and then left)

25. Click the meat on the table. you can click the wine glass and bottle but it doesn't do anything. you can also click the desk and read the papers if you want..

26. Click left and you will see a painting and a safe. you can click the paint to have it fall but there is nothing behind it. click the safe. remember the combination we have? click the dial seven times and hey we still have a key use the key have you have moved the dial 7 times. get the tube out of the safe.

27. Click back and right twice and you see a statue with a port in it and a port to the right of it. click those to open them. you can also click the mirror to break it for fun. take the tube and connect it to both ports. now take the wig and put it on the statue. a hidden wall opens up. click it and take our FIFTH orange ball. only two more!!

28. Now we will go to the island i was telling you about. click back out of the tower and select your hang glider to fly back to town. go back to your boat. click it and you will set sail. now remember the map. item check it (flip it over if it still shows town.) but here is the tricky thing.. we are not facing north. we are facing south so flip the map twice to get it upside down. now follow the arrows. (up left down right twice and up 4 times. )

29. Go right and use your ball and chain to knock down the gate. go forward and you see a dog that wont let you pass. hey.. i bet he likes meat lol. give him the meet and he lets you by. Go forward and now it should look familiar from the videos. if you go to the left you find a tomb that has already been opened. if you go to the right you find a tomb that you can open. go right and forward and use two of your orange balls on the statues. a door will open up. take back your orange balls.

30. Go forward into the tomb. click the symbols on the right. now we are going to play a little simons says. play the game (by clicking play) and a hole will open on the left side for another orange ball. ( you are on your own for the game. don't worry if you mess up the game repeats itself so you will get the hang of it. ) get the SIXTH orange ball.

31. Leave the tomb and go back to the ruins. now go forward twice to the cave ahead. throw your sword at the cat statue in the cave. hey look a key! get the key and go forward. then go through the dark areas until you can go left and right. use the flash light and you will see signs on the walls next to other statues on both sides.also there are levers that if you push up on both sides the light turn on.

32. Go back one step and look with the flashlight on the walls and you will see buttons you can push to make those signs.. stairs will come down. go up the stairs. click on the tapestry with your key. it will disappear. click it again and you will get a bronze key. use that key to open up the box you have. now you have a bronze mask!

33. Click the brick three spaces to the left of the tapestry and 6 up (or use tab to find it). the brick will fall and put your sliver mask in that spot. the wall will move and you will see your last and final 7th ball. click the cat statue twice and click the ball. now that you have seven they will start glowing.

34. Go back down the stairs and click any button (with your flashlight) on the left or right to have the stair go back up. go forward to the room again with the symbols. click the brick in the middle of the room between the two statues in front of you (use tab if you need to ) and it falls out. click and it and now put your bronze mask in there.

35. A door opens up, go through it until you get to the statue. see the holes? i wonder what goes there! lol. put your balls in there (after you put the first top one in you have to select them again) then sit back and watch the end.

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  1. Thx a million, i got stuck with the last step n' u've just saved me :)

  2. I got up to the part where you put the wires in the fish tank and no matter how much i clicked the wires they wouldnt go in and then when i left the room, the fish tank disapeared and i couldn't use it anymore and at that point i didnt want to start all over again..

  3. I can't seem to use the key on the tapestry.


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