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Complete walkthrough and strategy guide to win the "Apocalyptic Missile Commander Badge" with PlanetDefender at Kongregate.

Start with a Bunker in the middle of the front row, place a Ion Cannon to the left and right of it and another Bunker next to the Ion Cannon on the side where the first attack arrives.

Continue placing Bunkers and Ion Cannons alternating in the front row. Always place your next Bunker next to the Ion Cannon that suffers most by enemy gunfire. If you observe closely you will notice that this is always the Ion Cannon on the square which is least protected by Bunkers. When the front row is full, you have 4 Ion Cannons and 5 Bunkers (a Bunker at each end of the row).

Next start to place Ion Cannons in the 2nd row, near the Ion Cannons in the first row that suffered most by the enemy attacks. Always place them below a Bunker of the first row.

As the Ion Cannons in row two are now just protected by one Bunker and the Ion Cannons in the front row by two Bunkers each, this will draw the enemy gunfire to the second row. This will cost you some people but will save you firepower and money by not loosing a single Ion Cannon from the front row.

When you have placed 5 Ion Cannons in the 2nd row start filling the spaces with Bunkers. As in row one always place the Bunker next to the Ion Cannon that suffers most by enemy gunfire. Also include the two spaces at the sides of the outmost Ion Cannons. When you have finished that you have five Ion Cannons and six Bunkers in row two. All Bunkers and Ion Cannons should be in a checkerstyle pattern (that is very important). Enemy gunfire is always directed to the square in range that is least protected by Bunkers to inflict the most casualties among your people (and thus cost you the most money), or to the most valuable structure, attempting to destroy it (and thus cost you the most money). Actually all of your Ion Cannons are now protected by three Bunkers and enemy gunfire is distributed more evenly, allthough the Ion Cannons at the sides are always under heavier gunfire.

Now your defence is strong enough to stand against the next 5 waves of attackers and your people, protected by comfy Bunkers, will multiply steadily.

This is a good time to save up some money and spend it on your first level 2 Ion Cannon. First level up the middle Ion Cannon in row two. Next level up the leftmost and rightmost Ion Cannon in row two. As for the rules i explained above this will direct enemy gunfire to your new level 2 Ion Cannons. Don't worry, you have to be very unfortunate to loose one single structure when following this strategy guide.

When you have three level 2 Ion Cannons, reasearch Advanced Economics and build an Economic Center in row three. Leave spaces to build Bunkers in the checkerstyle pattern there too.

You will now do two things at the same time: build 6 Economic Centers and level all Ion Cannons in row two to level 3.

Pay attention to the following rules: Everytime you build an Economic Center build Bunkers next to it. First upgrade all Ion Cannons in row two to level 2, then upgrade them up to level 3 in the same order as you did when upgrading them to level 2. Upgrade a Ion Cannon to the next level and build an Economic Center alternating. Do not level Ion Cannons in the front row.

When the first Carrier arrives you have all Ion Cannons in row two at level 2.

When the Carriers arrive in a pair you have all Ion Cannons in row two at level 3. When you have built all Economic Centers in row three, you have the six Centers and seven Bunkers (one at each end in the line of structures) in row three. The leftmost and rightmost slots in row two and three are empty.

Next get rich or die trying: upgrade all six Centers to level two!

While doing this, the first shielded Battleship will arrive. Don't worry, the Ion Cannons are powerful enough to cope with it. Allthough it will cost you some people.

Next research Nuclear Fusion and upgrade all Bunkers in the frontrow to level 2. Save all the rest of the money while researching. When finished immediately sell all Ion Cannons from the front row and build Missile Complexes there and in the four other remaining spaces (one at each side of row two and three). You have now eight Missile Complexes.

Upgrade all of them to level 2. Next build four additional Economic Centers in row three and upgrade them. Sell four Bunkers one by one to free the needed space.

After that reasearch Advanced Energy, while doing that, upgrade all Missile Complexes to level 3. When finished with upgrading and research build four Missile Defence lasers, three in row three and one in row two. Don't upgrade them yet.

Save your amazingly fast incoming money, and research the Planet Shield now.

Congratulations, at this point you already have won the game (allthough it will continue for 15 more minutes in fast mode)!

Just replace the remaining Bunkers with Missile Complexes and fully upgrade them. Also upgrade the four missile Defence Lasers and the five remaining Ion Cannons.

When you maxed everything, save 13k money and replace all Economic Centers with Missile Complexes and max them too.

Lean back and have fun watching armadas of those nasty enemy ships getting eaten away by your phalanxes of nuclear missiles before they can fire a single shot!

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  1. Tried it, worked first time - though I had to sell off two ion cannons early on, otherwise perfect for me.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I can finally go to sleep. :-)

  3. great game, great guide!
    Thanks alot!

  4. so far no victory following this plan. I've made it up to the researching the planetary shield once. But didn't get it built. Seems like the game got tweeked in the past week. I've followed the plan as written and with slight variations of my own about 8 times now. But no victory yet. I'll keep trying though since its a fun game! :P

  5. Worked just fine for my, on v 1.14 =)

  6. I tried gumping through this a few times on my own and couldn't figure it out. Glad to see this walkthrough here; it worked perfectly (the green lasers were a surprise, but by then it was all over anyway).


  7. Worked like a charm!

  8. followed exact instructions and it worked extremely well... good job and thank you

  9. GRRR! Played for ages then died - followed this to the letter, not sure it works everytime!

  10. Was having trouble with easy mode... those repair bases are a real trap =/

    Anyways this guide let me get through apoc in 1 shot... yay for 45 kongregate points!

  11. Worked fine with v. 1.14;
    Final screehshot:

  12. Tried the checkerboard method and got pretty far but still died. Then I tried your method to the letter and beat it on the first try

  13. great guide, won apocalyptic, thanks!

  14. Great walkthrough - worked perfectly first time

    thanks :D

  15. Man, with your walkthrough it was almost too easy.


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