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Rapunzel Escape is a point and click from the creator of Cindrella Escape , Escape from Pink Door, Escape of Blue Door and Escape of Yellow Door, and Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood games.
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Rapunzel Escape Walkthrough:
1. Look at the left in bushes to see box. Behind box is a hook take it.
2. Look at left side of tower, take shaft.
3. Highlight shaft and combine it with the hook.
4. Right side of tower, solve riddle, look up and try to take shovel with hook.
5. Down, take shovel.
6. Right bushes, use shovel on ground. Get "hammer".Change hook for hammer on shaft.
7. Left side of tower, look up and use hammer.
Pick up key when you're down.
8. Use key on box to get bell, solve riddle.
9. Highlight bell to get second key.
10. Use bell on tower and when a "cord" comes out, go up, but not all the way. 2times up, look at the right and hammer crack. Key is fallen down. Collect it near the hole.
11. Now up in the castle, use second key on the cabinet to get scissors. Solve puzzle.
12. Right. Talk to the beautifull blonde and cut her hair.
13. Go to yellow box -code 7288- get drill. Pull underside of box to reveil a screw.
14. Go back and look above box to get a electric cord with the HOOK.
15. Connect cord next to girl.
16. Go left of cabinet to get drill with hook.
17. Highlight drillmachine and ad the drill.
18. Connect drillmachine with cord at the window.
Get screw.
19. Go to yellow box, get second screw.
20. Remove box. Open secret hole with third key and get book.
21. Get hookfrom shaft and put it at the window, connect the hair and jump for the

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