Return to the THK58 Walkthrough


Return to the THK58 is a 3D point and click room escape game developed by Alexandre Timbro.

In this sequel of the game Escape from the THK58 Sarah returns looking for survivors. You´ll experience some minigame sequences FPS style.
Good luck!

Return to the THK58 Walkthrough:
1. Forward THK poster and locked door on left...remember this, we will call this the engine bay.
2. Right and down corridor, door on left storeroom with crowbar and paper under box.
3. Continue to snooker room and paper under chair. Right see boxes and get screwdriver.
4. Right to toilet and get green key and wire.
5. Up corridor to wire cage and right to control room. Use paper code to open and get key.
6. You can now open cage and go upstairs. Control room and get toy?
7. Exit right to window and bedroom left and broken door right, enter. Forward to bedroom. Get card under sheet, and pistol under bookshelf. Exit left and kill alien with first weapon, now select second weapon for next time.
8. Body and elevator, turn around and exit to corridor and left into room with another body and arm. Get arm (gross!). Return to elevator and open door with arm. Alien to kill between the eyes. Get cable under sink and right to storeroom for remote trigger. Left to stuck door, so open.
9. Computer room, select card and right click zoom to read code, to activate elevator.
10. Exit back to regeneration room and down to second door, forward to body and right to elevator. Up to 3rd floor.
11. Choice of left/right...Left kill alien and continue to bedroom and talk to Jack. Exit right and kill alien and see GCA door.
12. Turn around and back up corridor and another alien to kill. Shelves with orange key and stuck door.
13. Return to engine bay by elevator and stairs and open locked door. Another alien. Get rocket launcher.
14. Return to top floor and CGA door, select the rocket launcher before opening with access card, think this was picked up in a bedroom drawer, but didnt register, but was in my inventory.
15. Get explosive device and return to Jack who will assemble it. Exit left and place explosive and wait. Big alien and use rocket launcher.
Enter control room and final images..

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