Rhino Room Escape Walkthrough


Rhino Room Escape is a new point and click type escape the room game from Sakura.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Rhino Room Escape Walkthrough:
1)Look between white and tan chairs and note the order of the colors.click back
2)click to right of the red chair to get red numbers 4-6.click back
3)go right and click left side of the heater to get cordless drill.click back.
4)click under coffee table and note blue numbers 2-4. click back
5)click right and look on top of desk to get paper.click back
6)click under right bottom drawer and note green numbers 6-4. click back
7)click right and click left back side of dresser and get spray paint. click back
8)click on fruit in bowl and get lemon half.click back
9)click under middle part of the bed to get knife. click back
10)click back right side of bed to see rhino. click back
11)take knife and open spray paint to get key.
12)take lemon and click on the paper to get dots.
13) place paper on key
14)use drill on key/paper combo
15)go to the dresser that has all the little drawers and remember the 3 sets of numbers we found? Use them now red(4-6) blue(2-4) green(6-4). First the red, start at the top left and go over right 4 drawers the go down 6 drawers and click. then blue top left again go right 2 drawers then down 4 then click. green top left go over right 6 drawers then down 4 and click.
16)grab silver coin
17)use key to exit and get perfect score.

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