Royal Pain Walkthrough


Royal Pain is a point and click game from the creators of Naughty Classroom and Naughthy Gym Class.

Your mission is to annoy the Royal Guard. You have to click several objects in the game screen and make combos for maximun annoyance.
Good Luck!

Royal Pain Walkthrough:
1. Pick up feather, click on guards nose. do this twice.
2. Take water can and water the plant to the ojd guys right.
3. Take the batteries and put them in the radio
pich up little rochs and drop them on the old guy's balloon
4. Click the ladie, she will show the guard her...well, you know..
5. Take the bucket and fill it with water
6. Then click the dog
7. Tip the trashcan and pick up the chalk and write on the wall
8. When the bird flies over the guerds head, click the bird and it will poop on his head
9. He'll go insane

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  1. "7. Tip the trashcan and pick up the chalk and write on the wall"
    Write on the wall? How?? I don't see any actions there...

  2. nvm i got it!!!!! i hate dat game its RETARDED!!!! JUST LIKE THIS WEBSITE!! HA HAHA HAHA

  3. how do u write in the wall with the chalk

  4. how can u write on the wall


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