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Second Room is a point and click escape game, sequel of First Room.

In this game you are in a room and you need to escape finding items and solving puzzles. Takes some time to load and language complicate things a little bit. Good luck!

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Second Room Walkthrough:
Under the flash movie itself, there's some hints in the footnote:
*There are only 3 items
*There's only 1 ending, but depending on your moves/situation, you may not have a way to pass the game (as we've already figured out)...
*Also in the game intro, some screen shots and links are displayed. (I'll have to replay it...)

In the game itself, there's a few text hints:

When you get the clue about pi, the text at the bottom of the screen says perhaps its a clue, or is it a lie?

When you do the password on the computer the first time and press the input button again after it says the password was wrong, as faewitch said, it lets you on the computer, and says "the password was cancelled, so in other words there wasn't a password"

In the file folder "program" on the computer, if you click on the left file, it opens up and is a text file that you can actually write in, select, etc. The text says you need three things to know the way [out]: Knowledge
and to look on the opposite page.
Don't click on the right file, because it gives the computer a virus and you can't use it again.

The "Pass" icon "program": Password configuration checking software. Haven't figured out what to do with anything yet.

The bottom left "program" is a shortcut to Yu's Room site. the comment when you click on it gives a HINT: there might be a hint somewhere. Viewing source is also good...
(On that note, I looked at all the files the game links to, and in only one I finally found a comment at the top of the source,
pass = 4)

Bottom right "program" is a link to Super Owata Bros. I'm not sure at all how to win at this game... I suck. ASDW keys are direction keys, J is Owata Buster (your attack) (hold to charge), O is self-destruct, and K is jump/swim.
On the initial screen when you start playing, it says "Password Room" in the bottom right corner. Then it says on the screen to the right, "Room for people who couldn't escape." To the left, it's the "Hermit Room" screen.
There are nine hidden boxes I think on total on the first screen. Don't know if that's important...
Can't reach the ? box.

And that's all I've got.

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