Three Cats Laboratory Escape 2 Walkthrough


Three Cats Laboratory Escape 2 is a Japanese point and click type escape the room game.

In this game you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Three Cats Laboratory Escape 2 Walkthrough:
1. click right , blue bottle, under it is 2 puzzle pieces. the chair, under table is screwdriver. and left side of table is flashlight (and if you look on the left, you'll see 2 more pieces, but you get them later.)
3. click the lamp once.
4. go left, lights off.
5. go right, click the lamp, get the code . R5 L1 R8 L4
6. Turn lights on. Click the sleeping cat. click the brown cat . Get Key.
7. go right, open lock in the doors. Put the code R5 L1 R8 L4
Something happened.
8. click right, put the cat heads plug in.
9. on the right, open the panel and get battery.
10. put the battery in the flashlight.
11. click the red thing on the pipe, and then click the cat.
click the red thing again.. cat jump on it. you can clik cats moustaches. yellow, green, red, purple, blue, pink
13. take the keypad right. click on the wall red thing.. cat again. little cat and the red thing.. door opens
15. open the cells and get 2 pieces
16. go upstairs. click the red thing on table, get lighter.
click also the picture on the wall, there 2 puzzle pieces.
17. click the blue handchair then the the cats and chair until there is three cats in the chair and it's falling down.
Get white little hand.
18. click the white hand, it gets longer.
19. click tables foot. theres something hanging, click it , click the cat. click hanging thing , cats will play with it, and step will appear on the wall.
You'll find 3 more, do the same all of them. (cats playing/sleeping place, over the shelf and near the door last) click the cat to the dvd
20. take from the shelf cat statue and red box.
21. click the dvd player, on right is coin.
22. look at the red box, put coin in, get piece of paper.
23. click cats playing thing. right sleeping box, click cat, get 2 puzzle pieces
24. put cd in the dvd player, nothing happened yet.
25. go down. take the view where you find flshlight, click left. take the hand and get 2 pieces.
26. take a look of the cat statue, in red collar is yellow thing, click it. Get a key.
27. open top drawer and get knife.
28. take a look of the book on table . on right, use knife and get 2 pieces. now you should have them all.
29. go to the cat picture, click left down corner and solv the puzzle. Use flashlight, get dice.
30. go up, there is cat sitting. use lighter get remote.
31. use the remote on dvd(left dot)
32. remember the piece of paper, count the fish, green dots and blue flovers.
33. use the code on keypad, get OK

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