WiiWare games hacked, pirated, and brought to North American Wiis


Only a few weeks after pirates figured out how to install Virtual Console games on their Wiis for free using the Twilight Hack, a clever trick for running unofficial code on an unmodded systems, hackers have expanded their counterfeit offerings to allow bootleg copies of WiiWare titles.

We're not yet sure if online modes are working, but the fact that pirates can install Japanese WiiWare ROMs/WADs on a US system, as shown above with Family Ping Pong, is impressive (and criminal!). Considering how fast the Wii's piracy scene has been moving, someone will likely soon release instructions on how to bypass microtransactions and install downloadable content updates for free, too.

How long will it be before Nintendo steps in to end these shenanigans? Will that mean the end of Wii homebrew, as well? See, this is why we can't have nice things.

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  1. I don't know how Nintendo will be able to stop this. I mean since the hack was found in a Game Disc instead of in the system software, it would be hard to release a patch that would just fix it. I would think anyway. I guess if they found a way to to detect illegal software, they could just brick the system.


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