Wildboar Room Escape Walkthrough


Wild Boar Room Escape is a japanese point and click room escape game from Sakura.

In Wildboard Room Escape you´re trapped in a room and your goal is to escape by solving puzzles and finding items.
Good luck!

Wildboar Room Escape Walkthrough:
1)click top left side of tree stand. Get coin from edge of stand.click back.
2)Go right click bottom left back of desk. get stick. click back
3)click top back of middle table and get pliers and notice markings. Click back.
4)click under middle of table on the right and use stick to get note pad. click back.
5)go right. click dresser on the left. click on it again to move it to the left and pick up eye dropper.(May not show clearly in your inventory but it's there. click back.
6)click the back of the baby bed and use eye dropper on pink bottle. click back.
7)click on bridge on right and notice markings. click back
8)click right. click top of ladder to get wild boar. click back.
9)click on tv. click left side of black to get black paper. click back.
10)click right. click on red cup and use pliers to get eraser. click back.
11)click on eraser then the black paper to reveal Black #5.
12)click on eye dropper and use it on pad of paper to get a red #2.
13)click on door. remember the markings? Black --> white --> Red.
Black =5 white=1(coin has a #1 on it) Red=2. type in 512 for perfect end.

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