Doctor Ku 2 The Kitchen Walkthrough


Doctor Ku 2 - The Kitchen is a funny point and click type escape the room game created by Federico Rutemberg and Carlos Monzon, who is also creator of Esklavos game series.
Good Luck!

Doctor KU - The Kitchen walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsDoctor Ku 2 - The Kitchen Walkthrough:
1. Take the cup on the far right.
2. Turn the right knob on the stove, steal the chili pepper, and use the cup on the sink. Your inventory should include the chili pepper, and a cup of water.
3. Turn off the radio, and put the chili pepper into the blender.
4. Turn the right knob again, and heat the cup of water on it.
5. Using the heated cup of water, click on the thermostat to your left, and peel off the min and max stickers. Switch them, then turn the knob to the new min.
6. Steal the key on chef's head.
7. Use the key on the locker to your left.
8. Take the left sock, the tube of paste, and the razor.
9. Turn the right knob on the stove again, and heat the tube of paste on it.
10. Using the blade, click on the plant to the far right to get a stick.
11. Use the sock on the stick, and take a lobster.
12. Put the lobster onto the plate, and the waiter will take it away.
13. Use the tube of paste onto the cake right away.
14. Escape the kitchen.

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  1. this game is super funny where can i find more with that guyb in the green and white shirt

  2. fun game. Type in google Doctor Ku Cellar or Doctor Ku Alien Room. All are fun games.


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