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Easy Escape Game is a new point and click type escape the room game from the creator of Dassyutu series.

In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

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Easy Escape Game Walkthrough:
Pick up yellow ball
Click on lower left pocket on pool table and get the green ball
Turn right and take red ball from top of copier
Open copier drawers and collect blue ball (from top drawer) and paper (from bottom drawer)
Turn right and click on shelf
Take black ball from inside of round thing on shelf
Click above shelf and take red & white note (half)
Go back one screen and click on round thing on floor
Take other half of red and white note
Go back one screen and click left of the plant
Take orange ball
Go back one screen and click on wall to the right of the shelf
Click on red square (button)
Back one screen and turn right
Click under desk and take purple ball
Back one screen and click on the green (or blue) tube
Take stick from inside tube and from right side of file cabinet
Go back one screen and turn right
Climb the wooden "ladder" and take brown ball from the top of it
Go down hallway and click on arrows Order is: right, left, left, right, left
Wait for the guy to sit down
Take yellow key from guy, striped ball from floor, and white cue ball from table
Go back two screens and go down "ladder" and back another screen
Turn left and click on file cabinet
open top drawer with yellow key and take the triangle
Go back one screen and turn right twice
Click on key pad and enter 210 to get the chalk
Combine the two pieces of stick and place the chalk on the tip of the stick
Display the triangle and place colored balls inside of it
Place triangle, white cue ball, and cue stick w/ chalk on pool table
Go to keypad again and enter the code: 8291
Click on door and you're out

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  1. i cant get the two pieces of the stick to combine ?!

  2. highlight one stick and then drag the other one to the highlighted one

  3. i can't take the orange ball. I'm clicking near the plant like crazy but i just can't get it. I don't even see it.


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