An encounter with Unknown


An encounter with Unknown is a point and click escape the room game from Kesagiri.

You are trapped in a strange room, find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

An encounter with Unknown Walkthrough
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  1. (Hint: If you have a hard time finding hot spots, press TAB)

    First- on the floor on the right is a light grey dot thing, grab it. It is shown to be two paper clips. Click on them and one of them becomes bent.
    Next- click on the area between the box looking thing on the wall and the tube. There will be a brown string, Take it. Connect the unbent paper clip with the string.
    Then, click on the lower right side of the tube. When it zooms up, click the lower right side again. You will find a piece of paper, take it.
    Go back to the close up of the right side of the tube, click a little above the area you clicked before. There will be a screwdriver, Take it.
    Go back to normal view. Click on the box thing on the ground.
    Use the paper clip/string on the little black square on the box thingy. Then use the screwdriver to get rid of the screws. Then click on the cylinder thing. It will show a switch. Flip it.
    Everything get's REALLY loud here. Go to the box on the wall. You will see 5 switches. Each switch will take you to a different room. You will need to go back to each room multiple times.

    Third Room
    You don't need to go to the first room or the second room right away, so it's best to go to the third one first.
    There will be three pedestals. Grab the things from the pedestals. Do not leave the room yet! Click on the pedestal on the right. There will be a light bulb. Take it. (You can combine the glass covering with the light bulb now or later.)

    First Room
    Now you can go to the First room. Use the charcoal you grabbed from the third room and use it on the wall. There will be some symbols there. (It's not really useful. But it gives you an excuse to draw on the walls :D)

    Second Room
    Okay, now if you didn't combine the glass cover with the light bulb, do it now. Then put the light bulb onto the whole in the ground. It will show some sort of code.

    Fourth Room
    There is a broke pipe shooting out water. Around it is a puddle. Put the watercolor into that puddle. Then get the piece of paper you grabbed and put it into the water. It will show some sort of code. Grab the plunger/broom thing.

    Back to the Second Room
    Using the plunger/broom thing, get the piece of paper on the wall.

    Back to the Fourth Room
    Put the new piece of paper into the water. You will get yet another code.

    The Fifth Room
    Okay, now you are in the MOST IMPORTANT ROOM. By now you should have the two pieces of paper with the codes and the bent paper clip.
    Click on the Lower right part of the machine in the room. There will be two cut wires. Use the bend paper clip to connect them.
    Really loud again. Click on the lower part of the machine with the two plates with the flower symbol thingys.
    For the flower on the right, click on the small petal pointing North West (Upper Left.) Click on the big petal pointing East. (Right) Then click on the square in and the diamond looking thing in the center
    For the flower on the left, click on the small petal pointing South West (Lower Left.) Then click on the diamond thing and the dot in the center.
    Go back to normal view. Then click on the upper part of the machine. It will open up. And then you’re out! :D


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