Escapando 2 Walkthrough


Escapando 2 is a new point and click type escape the room game created by Derek Baker.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escapando 2 walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsEscapando 2 Walkthrough:
1. Zoom in on plant. Click to its right, get crowbar.
2. Click under the brown table (top-ish) and get first cable.
3. Turn left. Use crowbar on broken tile. Get yellow key.
4. Click on the right sofa cushion. Get second cable.
5. Click under the sofa on the left, get fridge door handle.
6. Click on the scream picture, tear off the top to reveal 4 circles.
7. Click the down arrow to go to the next scene.
8. Put fridge door handle and open the fridge to get a piece of beef.
9. Put beef on top of the knife to get it cut. Get yellow ball.
10. Zoom in on the cupboards below the table. Left hand has nothing. Use yellow key on the right hand cupboard, get second yellow ball.
11. Go left. Find screwdriver in the desk drawer.
12. Click right at the top where there is an up arrow. Connect the cables. First cable first, then click down to connect the second cable to the wall socket.
13. Click back up and click the button next to the green light. The door opens and a yellow ball drops. Pick up third yellow ball.
14. Click down arrow to go back to the first screen. Zoom in on grate. Use screwdriver to open it to get the last yellow ball.
15. Click left to go to the scream picture. Now put in the 4 yellow balls. Get key.
16. Click down to go to the fridge. Use key on lock. Get the piece of paper.
17. Go left. Use paper on the safe. Read the paper, upside down and left to right...

18. Get key.
19. Back to first screen, use key on the door and you are out.

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