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Escape The Future walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsEscape The Future is a Japanese point and click escape the room game.
In this game you need to return to present from the future by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

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Escape the Future Hints:
1st Screen (computer)
Click on rock, take it
Click on top right of books on top shelf, get key
Click on middle “drawer,” get cord
Click on bottom “drawer,” get key
Click on flower pot, get key
Turn Right

2nd Screen (desk with phone)
Drag cord to “phone” jack
Drag rock to far left window, break it
Pick up piece of glass on ground
Turn right

3rd Screen (time machine)
Turn right

4th Screen (door and box)
Click box, drag glass piece to box, open it
Take wire from box
Turn left

3rd Screen (time machine)
Turn left

2nd Screen (desk with phone)
Click drawer, click on lock, drag wire to lock, open it
Take security card
Turn left

1st Screen (computer)
Click on computer, drag card to computer keyboard
Take key from wall

Now you have four keys (ykwo). The keys clearly go to the four keyholes to the left of the door. I thought maybe it was an acronym for “you know way out.” Apparently, it has to do with numbers but I’ve yet to figure out how to turn the lights off and get the alleged link and whatnot.

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  1. code is 1123
    k=11 letter from alfabet
    w=23 letter

  2. Put the keys in the four keyholes next to the door, using the same order they appear in your inventory (kowy, alphabetical, if I recall correctly). Open the panel and click the second switch under “Lights” to see a darkened view of the ceiling. Move your cursor until it becomes a text-insert type (the capital I-ish thing), then click and drag to reveal a URL:

  3. you have to highlight the cieling to get th link

  4. it was tricy but the code is 1123 so if my m8 jordan hears this it's from a frien called luke m


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