Esklavos Chapter 16 Walkthrough


Esklavos C16 WalkthroughEsklavos chapter 16 is the latest episode of the famous Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg.

This time you have to help Nim and Ungo collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck.

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Esklavos C16 walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints and help:

1) Take: 3 pieces of the gun, the small rock, the chain, wire.
You can see the location of the objects in the following image.

 Esklavos C16 Walkthrough2) Click the flat stone and put the 3 pieces of the gun on it.
Attach the metal wire to the gun.
Place the chain in the crown.

3) Click the crown and choose the followin symbols: double arrow in the bottom ring and lightning bolt in the upper.
Click the chain to energize the stone next to the catapult.
Now choose these symbols: lightning bolt in the bottom ring and double arrow in the upper ring.
Click the chain.
Take the broken spear and the metal wire from the gun.

4) Place the broken spear in the broken lever, attach the metal wire.

5) Now you have to move the lever in order to throw the stone and kill the 4 spiders (all 4 must be on fire).

6) Take some pollen from the 3 flowers of the screen.
Combine the purple pollen with the white.
Select the green pollen then click the Uro soldier (alergic, lol).
Take the explosives from his corpse.
Click the bottom of the screen in order to leave.

7) To take the axe: Click on Nim, click the axe, quickly click Ungo and click Nim´s head.
Take this too: Metal stake, the gear, the embedded metal, the rope and 1 metal bar from inside the wagon.
Here is the location of the items:

 Esklavos C16 Walkthrough8) Click Nim and combine the handle (embedded metal) with the gear.
Place the handle with the gear in the hole of the wood support.

9) Click Ungo, place the metal bar on the flat stone, quickly click Nim and use the axe on the metal bar.
Take the other metal bar from the wagon and repeat this process.

10) Click Nim and place the metal stake in the wood support.

11) Combine the metal hook with the rope.
Place the bended metal in the handle.

12) Click left side of the screen and go back to the previous screen.

13) Click Ungo and place the rope with the hook in the tree. Go back to the wagon.

14) Click the rope and attach it to the wagon.
Click Ungo and use the axe on the handle.

15) Click Nim then click the handle.

16) Back to previous screen and take the fruit from the tree. Go back to the wagon.

17) Click Ungo, use the axe on the fruit in order to build a helmet.
Click the wagon.
Select Nim and use the axe to cut the rope.

18) Click the gate.
You have to make 4 pictures to solve the puzzle.
These are the pictures you have to make:

Esklavos C16 WalkthroughEsklavos C16 Walkthrough
Esklavos C16 WalkthroughEsklavos C16 Walkthrough

19) Choose double arrow in the bottom ring and lightning bolt in the upper ring.
Click the top of the machine to release a lightning bolt, quickly click the woman and click the machine again. She´ll write a third melody in the book.

20) Drag the flute to the forth ship counting from the left and play "attract lightning + send lightning" all together, meaning: lightning bolt, double arrow, doble arrow, lightning bolt.
This will destroy all the ships and... To be continued.

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  1. Hey! I am trying to find the fruit on the tree, but there is no fruit. There is a spear stuck in the tree but no fruit to pick...ANy suggestions?

  2. I can't place the bended metal in the handle.


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