Excavator Story Walkthrough


Excavator Story is a point a click game.
In this game, you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
There is no English translation but language should not be too much of a problem.

Excavator Story WalkthroughExcavator Story Walkthrough:
1. Click on the guy and take a lever (on the pipe under his head).

2. Go back and turn left. Take a wrench (in the center of the room).

3. Use a wrench on the left cabinet.

4. Turn left twice. Get the gloves (right side of the electric box) and a nail (in the middle of the road).

5. Use a wrench on a nail to bend it.

6. Use a bended nail to open the electric box. Take an axe (left side of the box).

7. Go back to the 1st screen and open a drawer. Use the gloves to get a candy from the drawer.

8. Go left and cut a wire in the cabinet with an axe.

9. Go left and give a candy to the men.

10. Go right or left and back to the 3rd screen. Take a candy wrapper (on the right od the guy’s legs In the item part).

11. Use a wrapper on the wire.

12. Go to the 1st screen and use a wire with a wrapper on the cat.

13. Click the guy and take a note from his pocket.

14. Go back and click on upper part of the map. Read the instruction with numbers.

15. Go back and turn left. Use a note on the green phone.

16. Go to the 4th screen and open the electric box with a bended nail. Put a lever on the righ.

17. Use gloves to get a lever up and press the red button.

18. Go back and turn right. Guy is gone and you can go out – click the trees on the right.

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