No Ryu or Ken in New Street Fighter Film


It seems that Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li really is going to focus entirely on the title character portrayed by Kristin Kreuk when it hits screens in early 2009. On the film's official site, producer Patrick Aiello answers a reader's question on whether or not the two will be appearing in the upcoming film.

Street Fighter movie

Justin, Ashok and Capcom got together and decided to make it more of an origin story for Chun Li. There are just way too many characters in the Street Fighter universe to cram them all into one film. We want to do each one the justice he/she deserves. So, in short, Ken and Ryu will not be appearing in this film. But, that doesn't mean we wont see our red- and white-clad heroes in potential sequels.

There you have it. Looks like we'll be getting The Legend of Ryu or Ken if the first film does well at the box office.

In other Capcom movie news, a poster that celebrates the company's 25th anniversary includes dates for a couple of previously announced -- and delayed -- films based on the company's properties: Clock Tower in 2009 and Onimusha in 2011.

Questions. Answered. [Street Fighter -- The Legend of Chun Li, via Joystiq

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  1. Who wants to watch a Chun Li flick? Make A Psycho's Story: Origins of Bison


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