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Escape the Paint is a new escape the room game.

You are trapped in a house, the inside walls are being painted and the fumes are making you ill.
Try to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

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Escape the Paint Walkthrough:
1. Take the power cord from the T.V. that the cat is watching.
2. Go right.
3. Read message on door.
4. Go right.
5. Move chair.
6. Get key.
7. Turn the fan on using the switch.
8. Note the numbers and their colors. (changes every game.)
9. Go right.
10. Read message by door.
11. Note the order of the colors mentioned. (changes every game.)
12. Put the numbers in keypad on door with blue painting above it.
13. Turn T.V. on.
14. Flip through channels and write down lottery numbers.
15. Click on couch and write down this from Cipher 101: DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCABCDEFGHIJKLMONPQRSTUVWXYZ
16. Once again, flip through channels and decode what Ceasar is saying which is:
17. Put key into box under computer.
18. Turn the computer on and play game.
19. After winning the game, write down high score.
20. Add the high score that you got plus the the lottery numbers.
21. Go out of room and go left 2 times.
22. Type code in from what you got out of the addition and...


P.S.-Some things that you probably found but didn't need:
1. Cell phone behind picture on table.
2. Witch's hat on hatrack.
3. Band-Aid.
4. Baseball bat.
5. Petting the cat and dog.
6. Other boxes under the tables

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