Save Pooky Game Walkthrough


Save Pooky Game is a point and click/adventure game.

You need to go to the roof, get Pooky and escape the house.
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Save Pooky Game WalkthroughSave Pooky Game Walkthrough:
Get puzzle piece #1 in bushes

Click on doorbell to enter puzzle. Navigate to the blue dot. For those of you with trouble the directions are (using Up, Right, Left, and Down) R U L D R D L U R U L D R U R.

Enter house- Piece #2 is in purse

Key #1 is behind plant

Go left

Piece # 3 is in recess in wall by left door in the middle of the info screen

go down

Piece #4 is on stairs

Go up twice

Piece #5 is out window floating on balloon

Key #2 under bottom right corner of rug

Go right

Click on gray square by red car- Do game (avoid green walls, collect purple orbs and get piece #6) Win and get key #3

Puzzle piece # 7 pops out from behind toy boat when car runs over panel

Piece #8 behind action figure on floor

Go right twice

Piece #9 is car door in picture

Key #4 is at bottom left of screen

Go right, then go down and then right

Key # 5 is on top of boiler

Collect all the colorful jars from cabinets and a bowl

Go left

Go to top floor

Piece #10 in crack in wall

Go left

Piece #11 in picture

Key #6 under right pillow

Open left hand night stand- click on dark rectangle- play game.
To solve: (P= purple, S= square, C= Circle)

Key #7 is awarded

Go left to balcony

Piece #12 is on flower pot

Touch key and it will fall down

Go out main entrance- retive key #8 from wheelbarrow

Go to basement, go right

Piece #13 on tool

Get green batteries

Go to purple floor, go left

Use batteries in remote- note the order of the colors the chef uses

Go to kitchen and use the colored bottles to get key #9 and puzzle piece #14 from behind bottles on counter

Go to top floor and go right

Click on button on toilet to get piece #15 that jumps out

Click on white tile to right on row above tub faucet to play pong game to reveal code for panel

Enter code and get doll leg that falls

Go to basement go left

Replace leg on broken doll

Get ladder from cabinet

Return to restroom go up ladder get Pooky and piece # 16

Go to toy room and click on panel with puzzle symbol

Find spot where pieces lock into place automaticlly and complete puzzle. Click on tiny purplish key to the center left of puzzle.

Use key to open lock box by front door

Use key on front door

You are out!

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