Some Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already Walkthrough:


Some Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already is a point and click type escape the room game.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Some Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already WalkthroughSome Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already Walkthrough:
1. Slide the Inventory panel to the left. Pick up cake.
2. Slide text panel at bottom of screen to left. Click floorboards at bottom left until it says "Is this a brilliant new puzzle..." Slide hidden panel. Pick up screwdriver.
3. Use screwdriver to unscrew panel on wall and ceiling. (Hint: Hit "tab" to move spongebob until he's out of the way)
4. Slide red ceiling panel right. Pick up balloons.

5. Find hidden panel on top right of back wall. Slide it left.
6. Click the red buttons in the following order: Back wall, Right flower in purple vase, Flower in brown vase, Middle flower in purple vase, Ceiling. Pick up iPod.
7. Slide hidden panel on top floorboard, second row from the left. Click on note
8. Listen to iPod. (Hint: Google Shampoo, Van Halen, and soundtrack). Type in the name of the movie (2 words).
9. Feed cake to alligator. Pick up soccer ball. Use soccer ball on yellow wall.
10. Use balloons on black trapezoid.


11. Move the clouds to uncover the match and the petrol can. Feed the petrol to the trapezoid. Light the match on the sun. Watch cutscene.


12. Click on the little box on the tail of the rocket. Solve the cryptogram (Hint S=I).
13. Look for the spot on the middle of the rocket where the pointer changes. Slide that tile and input the password.

Find the pieces of the ladder
1. On the top of the toilet
2. Just right of toilet
3. Right side of the dialogue box
4. Just to the lower left of the dialogue box
5. Behind the white panel in the middle of the wall
6. Move the white panel back to where it was and click on the blue part of wall just to the left of it and slide it left
7. Top left, just above the door

Click on the hole and you're out!

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