Strange Room Walkthrough


Strange Room is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you are in a strange room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Strange Room walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsStrange Room Walkthrough:
1. enter room, go right twice
2. pull all of the tissues out of box, get paper
3. look at paper, notice letter code, different code each game
4. get red thing, it's a lighter
5. get small box, cigarettes

6. look at cigarttes-light them
7. look at ashtray (small square above wher cigarettes were)
8. get memeory card
9. look at manuscript beside the tissue box, notice D=a number, agian differt for each game
10. turn right once
11. take square silver looking lamp
12. veiw lamp get batteries
13. click on cabinets on left
14. first cabinet take red book from second shelf
15. view book---last page more letter code
16. zoom out
17. middle shelf nothing of use
18. top drawer take knob
19. zoom out turn left three times
20. click on flower cabinet
21. place knob, zoom out
22. clik on cabinet again take stool
23. zoom out turn right 4 times
24. click lump on bed, take bear
25. zoom out
26. look at bear, place memory card in slot on bear foot
27. open head, notice code=5010, and hitchcock, exit
28. click on upper cabinets
29. fisrt cabinet on left is nothing
30. middle cabinet, click several times, take paper
31. look at paper, use lighter, notice more letter code
32. zoom out
33. last cupboard on right
34. small silver object lower right hand corner is flashlight take it
35. look at flashlight add batteries, turn on
36. zoom out, click on small makeup mirror
37. shine flash light on mirror, see light beam
38. zoom out follow light beam
39. click on push, get screw driver
40. turn right two times see big mirror
41. click big mirror, read, take out screws with screw dirver
42. click on words, open and see security pad
43. turn on pad by pressing the larger circle.
44. enter code from bear (5010), press enter.
45. it ask for another code, this is where the letter code comes into play.
46. letters=numbers from the security pad. arrange numbers to spell out ALFRED.
47. I never was able to locate the number for the letter R, so this is how I figured out code, my code was:
A = 6
L = 9
F = 0
R = ?
E = 1
D = 5
so I just entered 690015, 690115,690215, and on until 690515 and that worked.
48. zoom out, turn left twice walk out door

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