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Unlock v1.1 is a great and funny puzzle game.

In this game you need to unlock the control panels in order to complete levels and go on next level.
Good Luck!

Unlock walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsUnlock Walkthrough:
1st level: Press all four corners then middle.

2nd level: Press the 2nd white button and a pattern will go across the top using the buttons on the lower left to repeat pattern.

3rd level: use your number pad on the key board as a key when you put the numbers in from the top.

4th level: Won't lie very hard, but possible use the arrows to guide the glowing orb through the maze.

5th level: you can click on the bar as it passes to reveal the colors. It'll restart from the left side so it's easier to write down.

6th level: looks like a spider web you have to light up the lights and press the middle button. Hard to remeber how i did it but going clock wise starting from the very last bottom, right switch.

7th level: This isn't hard so here's how you do it starting top left. Play button, -20, arrow's, -40, x2. thats it.

8th level: use the arrows to open the doors to find the button here is where i can't tell you how to do it cause im not sure how i did it just press buttons till you see the button inside and quickly press it.


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