We are from the Future Walkthrough


We are from the Future is a Russian point and click game.
In this game you need to find items to make a CD-Player.
Good Luck!

We are from the Future WalkthroughWe are from the Future Walkthrough:
1. On the far right of the screen, take the gramaphone, the rolled paper, and the handle.
2. Next to the door, in the jacket's pocket take the glasses.
3. On the desk take the black disc.
4. Open the desk drawer, take the flashlight.
5. Far left, open the box with lock. Take the spool tape machine.
6. Place the flashlight on the far right corner of the desk.
7. Place the glasses next to the rolled paper on the wall.
8. Place the mirror or black disc on the lightest part of the ceiling.
9. Place the gramaphone next to the flashlight.
10. Place the disc and the handle on the gramaphone.
11. Place the spool tape machine next to the gramaphone.
12. Place the rolled paper on the far left wall.
13. Click the gramaphone.
I think this is the End, but who knows...

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