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White Chamber walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsWhite Chamber is a point and click type escape the room game from the creator of Blue Chamber.

In this game, you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Using the graphics, the sounds, and the responses as clues, you are to escape with your idea and inspiration.
Good luck!

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White Chamber Walkthrough:
1. Click on the bin collect purple bricks zoom out
click on top of shelf and collect remote control zoom out and go left
2. Click on bike, click on middle of bike and collect memory chip zoom out
Click right side of bike x2 and collect key zoom out and go left
3. Click on top of garage door collect key zoom out go left
Click book x4 and collect morse code zoom out
4. Click under table and collect bracket, crow bar, and Brass hook zoom out go left
5. Click on white board collect red chip zoom out go left and go up
collect other morse code paper using crow bar go down go right x2 click up
Click on box insert the key go down x2
6. Click on box on the wall x3
use the morse below to spell open:
O - r r r
p - b r r b
e - b
n - r b
click down
7. click on blue door
select remote control and select information, click on bottom left to flip over and insert the yellow and red chips into the holes click close.
Click door when small button is grey collect chip 8. click on door to close
click large button to change colour of small button and click door again collect binoculars repeat steps to change small button colour to yellow and click door and collect mirror
9. Go back into information on the remote control and insert the blue chip, repeat steps above to collect the motorbike lamp.
10. Click down, click right, click hole to right of garage door and insert brass hook, then hang mirror go right
11. Click on motorbike, click on the seat use key and collect spanner click down,
12. Click on motorbike, click left, click up, install the bracket and motorbike lamp, go up
insert key into motorbike and the lamp with turn on, go down and click right
13. Click on the bottom left of the window in the back of the garage you will see a rectangle, use the binoculars to see it, write down the numbers, click out, click down, click left, click top of motorcycle and using the code you have written down, select from left to right the coloured button that corresponds to the digit, i.e. first button is 1, button 6 is on the handle bar to the right, click right, and click on the lock x2 and collect purple chip,
go back to the blue door and you guessed it use the cip in the remote control, remove the grey chip first
14. Now use the purple blocks using morse to input the following, press the blue button after you have entered each of the block sequences
h . . . .
e .
l . - . .
p . - - .
click the yellow button and collect key
15. go back to the motorbike and replace the key with the new one and start the bike with button six...The End!

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