Cold Room Escape Walkthrough


You have just started a new job as a kitchen worker, however on your first day you get trapped inside the freezer. You must escape the freezer before you freeze.
Good luck!

Play Cold Room Escape

Cold Room Escape WalkthroughCold Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. Take garlic, chilli powder, salt, the pink stick behind eggs and the bowl.
2. Click on the two gray things and the brown tile (from lower right count 5 tiles left and 2 up)
3. Take the key
4. Open the locker using the key and the pink stick. Take the recipe book and matches.
5. enter the door, put the painting on the floor and click 6/7 on the lower right side of the cabinet
6. take some woods
7. back in the kitchen, cut the blue wire clicking 2 times on it.
8. open the gas and use a match on it.
9. after the explosion take the knife and cut a piece of meat.
1. go in front of the gray door and put some wood on the floor.
11. go where there's the generator, and use the pink stick on it
12. take the bowl and full it with the liquid.
13. go in front of the gray door and put the liquid on woods.
14. Now place the piece of meat, put 3 parts of garlic, 2 parts of chilli powder and 1 part of salt on the meat.
15. Out!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this game. Once in a while, we need to play games to release our tension.

  2. Thank you for your description. Great!

  3. how do i do number 2

  4. number 2 i dont get how do you do it, it wont work

  5. the match won't light the gas.

  6. witch three things?!?!?!?!
    number 2 again.. Im not the only one with troubles on that!

  7. Second step:

    You have to click the two gray images of the wall (I'm not sure but at least one of them looks like a fish) and the tile right after that.

  8. Top grey tile, bottom grey tile., then the described tile.

    Also You likght the gas stove, not the wire.

    And, cut the meat from the pig.

    you don't even need to do the crap with the wood.

  9. number2 wont work i tried every suggestion!!!!


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