Dawn Dash Escape Walkthrough


Dawn Dash Escape is a new point and click type room escape game from Games Handbook.

"You have had a big night out, gotten drunk and taken a lady home. You have to get out of her room with all your clothes but don't wake her up".
Good luck!

Dawn Dash Escape WalkthroughDawn Dash Escape Walkthrough
1. click small light in right lower corner (looks like a baloon, I think..)
2. click pocket of trousers and then click what came out of trousers
3. click on lamp (DON'T make light!!, on the shade) and notice PIN
4. turn right and take shoe
5. slide the left picture to take your shirt
6. turn right twice and click the bear to notice the computercode
7. turn left agein and type in password to open the DVD-Drive
8. take shoe lace and turn right, then left to go back und get your second shoe
9. then type in password again on the PC to get phone numbers to notice
10. turn back right and click the right curtain
11. click phone and type in PIN from the lampshade
12. click on the grey button until you can write a message (small ABC in the upper left corner)
13. type 74992 to write "Pizza" and click on grey button twice
14. type phonenumber from pizzacall (6590679) and TURN IMMEDIATELY BACK to the window!!
15. Wait after sending message. when pizza comes, move to the left and click the window. when she is at the door, move to the right again, click the window and escape"

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  1. Just to say that I've made my own casual game, it's called Smilies Invasion and for me it's frenetic!



  2. yeah, i don't understand the last 2 lines of the walkthrough...i got through the whole thing except the last part, and the walkthrough surely didn't help

  3. i cant type pizza 4 some reason!! it only gives me the letter S! thats it!!


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