Diablo III - Players vs Colors


Diablo IIIYes, Diablo III is going to be much more vivid and vibrant than its predecessors, a fact that has some fans signing a petition against the shinier, happier art direction - now with over fifteen thousand signatures.

Tracey John over at MTV Multiplayer spoke with Diablo III lead producer Keith Lee during the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris this past weekend, who defended the move towards a brighter, more colorful Diablo.

“One of the things that we considered when we were working on the visuals for ‘Diablo III’ is the fact that color is your friend. We feel that color actually helps to create a lot of highlights in the game so that there is contrast. A great analogy is like in ‘Lord of the Rings’ — not everything is dark. It allows you to see what a creepy dungeon can be like but if everything is dark it doesn’t allow you to have a lot of contrast.”

Lee also explains that they want players excited to enter and explore new areas, rather that simply provide the same dark environments over and over again.

Lee does admit that fan feedback is a major factor in how Blizzard develops titles. It'll be interesting to see what impact - if any - the petition has on the development of the game.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Diablo III in PS3 or Xbox360??


  2. Looks fine to me.
    Blizzard is quite capable of making it look good.

    Diablo 2 didn't match it's prequel in atmosphere though. Let's see if D3 can beat it.

  3. http://crankygamer.blogspot.com/2008/07/diablo-iii-world-of-warcraft-15.html

    Pretty much sums up my thoughts... It's not the "vividness" or anything it's just the textures drawn/painted by a 5 year old.


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