Divercity Walkthrough


Divercity is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you are locked in a little room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Divercity WalkthroughDivercity Walkthrough:
The bedroom

1. Go to the chest of drawers and get the magnifying glass from the middle drawer.
2. Move to your right and open the double locker.
3. Use the magnifying glass on the poster to get an aerosol can.
4. Move round to face the bed, lift the pillow and get the zippo.

5. Combine the zippo with the aerosol can in your list of items.
6. Face the fridge, open it and get the knife stuck in the ice.
7. Drag the Aerosol/Zippo combo onto the knife to melt the ice.
8. Move back round to the chest of drawers.
9. Water the pot plant with the puddle of water.
10. Collect the carrot that's now grown.
11. Move to the single locker and give the carrot to the little man guarding the tape recorder. (you can also get him out the way by using the knife and the aerosol/can combo)
12. Playing the tape with sound a sequence of beeps which correspond to the combination on the door.
13. The door combo is 1675347

The Office
1. Zoom in on the desk facing you and open the top drawer under the desk.
2. Get the crowbar and the key.
3. Move round until your facing the chest of drawers.
4. Get the disc from the paper bin.
5. Zoom in on the drawers with the printer on top.
6. Get the electrical connector from the other bin.
7. Use the crowbar and key to open the third drawer down.
8. Open the drawer and get the missing drawer handle.
9. For distraction you can operate the printer. It really works! Cute!
10. Move back round to the drawer with the music system on them.
11. Use the missing handle to open the drawer.
12. Get the next key!
13. Move to your left and focus in on the drawers under the desk. Use the key to open the drawer to get another key.
14. Use the red key to open the door.

Now this is where it gets weird! You can use the disc and the electrical connector to play on the computer. You'll basically play a game within a game. Upon moving into the next room you may get a different colour scheme and music depending if you've done this or not.

The Nursery.
1. Click on the top shelf and get a diary.
2. Move to the desk. You'll find a needle under the paper in the bin.
3. Again for distraction you can use the pens to draw on the paper on the desk.
4. Move to the locker, open it and get a key.
5. Use the key to open the diary for a clue.
6. The clue in the diary might be different each time you play but basically you move to the cot and click the bars in the order described.
7. You'll be rewarded with a long stick.
8. Take the stick and dislodge the key from ontop of the roller blind.
9. Exit the room.

The bathroom.
1. Move down to face the cupboard and get the Aceton from the top drawer.
2. Get the flowers and get the toy rat.
3. Click the waste bin and get the dental floss from under the paper.
4. Combine the rat and the floss to get a rat on a string.
5. Open the corner cupboard and get the cat out of the way by using the rat on the string.
6. Pick up the long key.
7. Face the direction where you came in.
8. Pull the string that's hanging down and the use the long key to unlock the trapdoor.


Behind the boxes of soap powder on the washing machine is some caustic soda. You can use this to melt the duck in the bath if you like!

I'd be really interested to hear if other gamers go different versions of the scenes. As I say I have had a red and a blue nursery with slightly different scenery and clues in the diary.

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